Lunes, Nobyembre 21, 2011

Run for Pasig + Tita E's Birthday!

A very productive day for me! I spent almost 16 hours of my day with ze boyfriend's family. And it was really worth it :) They asked me to come with them because Mae (Michael's sister) will join the run for Ilog Pasig. I was eager to join them and I was planning to run too but beb did not agree. :( So I just decided to go with them and watch Mae instead.

3AM: We arrived at Manila Boulevard and parked somewhere. I started taking pictures because the crowd was getting bigger. There were around 11,000 (or am I exaggerating?) UST students there. :)) We took pictures while waiting for the run to begin. Call time was 4:45 and guess what? The run started around 6AM. Ugggh. Filipino time, what do we expect roight?

Getting ready! :)

Thomasians on the Go! HAHA
My long lost siblings. Hahahaha!

6AM: Finally, the run started! We waited for Mae at the car and planned to fetch her at MOA. But the traffic was going crazy so we just waited for her DFA / S&R. Didn't see any celebrity. Hehe. So sad :( HAHA!

9AM: Mae arrived. Yey! She wasn't able to run because it was too crowded. Too bad for her :( After the run, we headed at Bacoor for Tita Evelyn's Birthday Party (Michael's mom). A supposed to be surprise party! Hahaha! I met ze whole clan! :) And I was very happy because they were all nice to me! :) Lots of food to choose from! :> I was happy to spent the whole day with them! :) They never let me get left out and unattended. Haha! :> A very happy day for me!! <3 Happy Birthday, Tita! Thank you so much :)



Yellow top || Skinny Jeans from Jag Jeans || Accessories form J Trend || Oxford Shoes || Satchel Bag

 And lastly (after ending up my novel blogpost), this is what I wore the whole day. Haha! I blended with the UST students. Yey for Yellow!

Biyernes, Nobyembre 18, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like..

CHRISTMAS! <3 1 month left!! My mom's busy preparing now for our house decoration. Her favorite thing during the holiday season. She would cancel her meetings just for the sake of finishing her decorations. Our motif for this year is "A Touch of Gold". Last Christmas, we had a Red themed decoration. I guess I like this year's theme! Our Christmas Tree looks sophisticated! But we didn't spend a lot for that, really. We don't usually buy expensive decorations because it's not practical at all. Well, my opinion only. Anyway, our family's enjoying our little bonding time together through putting up our decorations especially when our Little Boy Alex is around. He would mess everything up and he's really amazed with everything! :)) I took shots of some of our decorations (mainly our Tree) but I couldn't get a decent shot of it. :| Anyway, here it is! :)

Our Unfinished Tree! :)


Ooooh! I wanna share to you guys this mini pink fan I bought awhile ago together with my friend, Phoebe! :) It's a useful tool I think I should bring everyday (duty purpose). Just being a girl scout ;)

Please stay tuned for my next post! It's all bout my Christmas Wish List! :) I'm excited to make one! :) Hihi. Goodnight everyone!

Joey <3

Martes, Nobyembre 8, 2011


It's been a while since I posted something here. Well, hello there guys! We had no internet for like 2 weeks so I had no chance to post something here. Well my sembreak was a blast, I guess.

Saturday (October 29, 2011)
Had a fun night with my highschool buddies and ze boys! Haha. We chilled at Tomas Morato all night long! I missed them so much. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take a decent shot of my outfit for that day. More of a witch, I guess? Perfect for the Halloween season! :)

Us Girls with Raf :)

Hellew! <3 Love you boooth!

November 6, 2011: SuperSale Bazaar!
Luckily, I was able to go at World Trade Center for the SuperSale Bazaar! :) I've been ranting to my parents to take me there but they just won;t agree. :( Good thing, my boyfriend's family went there and I was able to hook up with them. Hihi! I loooove them so much! I was able to buy lots of accessories and clothes!! I just love them! <3 No pictures at all! I wasn't able to bring my SLR :(

ANYWAY! Enough of my Sembreak stories! Haha! Today is the first day of our second semester. W just had our orientation that's why I managed to have a photoshoot for my next collection. Here are some glimpse of my next collection! <3 Don't dare miss it tomorrow night at 7pm! <3

So guys, don't dare miss my newest collection! :)


That's all for now! Excited for tomorrow! <3