Linggo, Nobyembre 10, 2013


Holla everyone, I'm back! It's been a while since I posted an outfit shot here in my blog. You guys know that I've been busy with training and guess what? I passed training already and I'm officially employed. Hoorah for that! That's why, I am now officially back not only here but also in my online shop. Seems legit!

And here's what I'm wearing today for a special dinner with my loved ones. <3 Feelin' like a nigga with my customized cap!

HW Shorts from F&H

 Customized Cap from J Trend

Watch from Landmark

Guys, I'm selling customized caps for P450 each only!

P.S. Colors available are Black, White, Red, Maroon, Dark Blue, Yellow and Violet. Will post more photos soon!

Click this link if you want to order now:

 I will be having a blog giveaway this week! Stay tuned, ladies <3


Sabado, Agosto 24, 2013

Sheinside: Shopping Wishlist

Holla guys! Have you guys heard about Sheinside? If not, well you are definitely missing out! Sheinside is one of the largest online shops known internationally.

Why choose Sheinside?
  • 1.A tremendous variety of styles--With over 2,200,000 items in stock,sheinside is currently being one of the world's largest online stores.You'll have more choices than what you can ever imagine.What's more, we're updating with over 500 new arrivals per day!
  • 2.Affordable prices--Sheinside has been offering the latest street fashion for almost five years, we're always keeping up with the newest fashion trends, while most importantly,making prices as low as we can.
  • 3.Free worldwide shipping--Yep,you won't believe that you'll enjoy free worldwide shipping at,it's not a joke,but an absolute truth.
  • 4.No-question refund and return--Anything wrong issuing quality and breakage can be returned or refundable.Get details.

There are hundreds of items to choose from in their website and it took me 2 days to complete my shopping wishlist (I am not kidding!). Two hours on my first day and then like an hour on my second day. I've decided to sort them out into their respective categories (dresses, pullovers, tops and shorts). They also have accessories and bags in store but I opted not to include them here anymore because it might take another day of browsing. The hardest part in doing this wishlist is picking out my top 4 favorites from each category. They cater almost everything under the world of fashion, if you know what I mean. So yeah, here are my top picks and you can check out the details by clicking on the item name.

Tiger Print Dress 
Ramones Dress (personal fave!)

Floral Pullover
Nude Pullover

Plaid Polo Top

Any thoughts? Ladies, feel free to share your own Sheinside Wishlist here. I would love to see your top picks and the reasons why you ought to choose Sheinside. 

So guys, what are you waiting for? Drop by and see for yourself what's in store for you there!


Huwebes, Agosto 15, 2013


I opted to wear something  cool and comfortable because the weather is being bipolar as usual and it's becoming extra hot again today. Oh, how I wish it's always a sweater weather! Since my outfit is too plain and dull I put on my Gold Fringe necklace and partnered it with my Flower Ring. Plus, to give out some pop and color into my look I paired it up with my green heels. I love how my outfit look kinda minimalist and chic at the same time. Veering from my usual top-shorts look, I can say I'm pretty much learning to wear clothes that will appear decent and matured. Yes? 

Top from Forever 21

Knitted Legging from Forever 21

Gold Necklace from Forever 21
Flower Ring from Forever 21

Heels from Janilyn

P.S. I will be having a giveaway this weekend. Yay! 


Sabado, Agosto 10, 2013

Midriffs x Maxis

 Sunday will always be my favorite day of the week (oh, next to Friday!). I get to spend the whole day with my family. My mom and I religiously go to mass together and after going to mass my mom always prepares a special meal for the family. Oh, how I love Sundays!

Here's what I'm wearing today! I paired my polka dots midriffs with my old maxi skirt just to look kinda decent during mass. I've been imagining this top to be paired with my black aztec leggings but I don't want to be kicked out of the church, ya know. Maybe next time. 

Royal Blue Maxi Skirt from Tomato

Polka dots Midriff Top and necklace both from Forever 21

Look who I have here! He said he's the director of this mini photo sesh. I don't know but he likes watching me during photo shoots, guess I have a little fan out here. Here's an "okay pose" to cap off this outfit post. Thanks for dropping by again! Any thoughts?



First of all I want to congratulate Gilas Pilipinas for winning tonight's game against Korea (FIBA2013)! Woo, Gilas is flying to Spain! I am a proud Filipino! That game gave me real time goosebumps. 

Here's a quick outfit post to cap off my Saturday night! Top and vest is from my bestfriend and her reliable online shop, Lorelie Moda Armario. Shorts and Chain Necklace from Forever21 and heels from So! Fab.

Hope you had a great long weekend! Thanks for dropping by :>


Biyernes, Agosto 9, 2013

It's Kinda Alternative

I know, I know. This is Philippines and wearing something like this is socially unacceptable, but yeah whatever. Wearing tights is one of my frustrations in life and I'm just curious on how it will look like on me and I am deeply inspired with some fashion bloggers like Lua P and Zoe Suen lately. I hope you don't mind. :>

Top from Urban Outfit MNL

Beanie from SM Accessories

Tights from SM Accessories

Boots from So! Fab

So, any thoughts about this look? :)

Thanks for dropping by!


Persunmall Wishlist

Why hello there guys. Look what we have here, it's my Persunmall Wishlist! I've been browsing through Persunmall's online website for almost an hour and here are the outfits I've come up with. Basically, they have so much in store for us ladies, from Women's Apparel, Jewelries, Accessories and down to Women's Shoes and Bags - name it, I bet they have it. So here's a little overview about Persunmall: is committed to providing you with high-quality women's fashion with unexpectedly low prices and satisfactory customer services, which make Persunmall the right spot for you to get fashions. Our women's fashion will show you off very well and make you feel cool, and we know cool is all about the way you feel. What's more, our items of high quality will let you fully enjoy the coolest street fashion in everyday life.

For more details about Persunmall, please do visit their website (I promise, you won't regret it!):

But hey! Before you visit their website, here are my favorite pieces from them and I've come up with 8 different outfits. I really had fun pairing up these quirky and elegant items from Persunmall. Clothing pieces fit my style so well. So, there you go.

So.. Which one's your favorite? 

Oh how I wish I can have em all. But for now, they have all been stacked up on my Wish List Cart. 

I would love to see your own Wish List ala Persunmall. Don't hesitate to post it here.

Thanks for dropping by!


Linggo, Hulyo 21, 2013

Red Flux

One could never go wrong with this classic color combination: Red & White. Classic color combinations look stylish on everyone, whatever season it is. Red ensembles can automatically give that spice in your look no matter how simple and laid back an outfit is. 

Good thing I found my red pants which I've purposely neglected already in my closet. I'm really not a "jeans person" cos I feel and look short whenever I wear them. But since my mantra for this year is to try new things and go beyond my limits, well why not try wearing pants more often for a change. Right?

Did I somehow manage to look presentable wearing those pants? I hope so. 

Vintage cat-eye sunnies by Charlie. I bet you all know that Charlie has the most stylish yet affordable sunnies in town. 

Top from Bubbles.

Tried wearing the top without those sleeves. Can you guess where I hid them? Haha! This top can be worn and styled in different ways, you just have to choose a perfect pair and frills for it. 

Shoes from Jellybean


Biyernes, Hulyo 19, 2013

Hawk Eye

Look who's back to blogging - well, sort of. I am really happy that Hawk Eye Shop gave me a chance to have them as one of my sponsors here in my blog. Hawk Eye Online shop started as a "one stop thrift shop" and they eventually started to offer brand new items that are beyond fashionable. Amazing, right? 

I got this lovely dress from the Hawk Eye shop and I must say I'm pretty impressed with how it made an illusion of me being skinny? But really, I look thin with this dress and I'm freaking lovin' it!! 

Finally! A pair that can hook around with anything under the sky and the sun. I must admit I just had my first black pumps today, so cheers for that I guess? 

P.S. Please don't forget to Like / Follow Hawk Eye Shop here:
Facebook Account (click!)
Instagram - @thehawkeyeshop

P.P.S. They have an ongoing giveaway and I'm sure it's a real deal. Please click the link below for more details:

Dress - Hawk Eye Shop
Heels - So! Fab
Spike Necklace - Bazaar