Biyernes, Hulyo 19, 2013

Hawk Eye

Look who's back to blogging - well, sort of. I am really happy that Hawk Eye Shop gave me a chance to have them as one of my sponsors here in my blog. Hawk Eye Online shop started as a "one stop thrift shop" and they eventually started to offer brand new items that are beyond fashionable. Amazing, right? 

I got this lovely dress from the Hawk Eye shop and I must say I'm pretty impressed with how it made an illusion of me being skinny? But really, I look thin with this dress and I'm freaking lovin' it!! 

Finally! A pair that can hook around with anything under the sky and the sun. I must admit I just had my first black pumps today, so cheers for that I guess? 

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P.P.S. They have an ongoing giveaway and I'm sure it's a real deal. Please click the link below for more details:

Dress - Hawk Eye Shop
Heels - So! Fab
Spike Necklace - Bazaar


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