Huwebes, Nobyembre 29, 2012

Christmas Wishlist!

Holla! It's the time of the year again when it's legal to post something you wish for this Holiday Season! This year, I came up with twelve sweet dispositions. I actually did this Wishlist thing last October and I told myself I have to wait for the right time to post it, and I guess this is it! I've got lots in my mind but these are the things I really aspire to have within a year (and the feasible ones *wink*). <3 

1. Macro Lens (Canon) - which I already have! Hihi! <3
2. Tripod 
3. Reflector - you can buy cheap ones at Greenhills
4. SLR Case/Bag (Pink) - my case as of the moment is such a flunkee
5. Lita Jeffrey Campbell's Shoes (Black) 
6. Studded High waist-ed Shorts
7. Casio Watch (Gold)
* 8. Victoria Secret BODY (Please, Lord) - Hahaha, I know. Sssssh! 
9. Electric Sewing Machine - I've always wanted to have one since I was 10.
10. Clothes Rack - this would really be helpful in my upcoming bazaars
12. A picture-filled bedroom

There you go! How did you find my Wishlist for this Christmas? Share your thoughts! :)

*ehem ehem*


P.S. The one with the asterisk (*), maybe you noticed, will be the hardest thing to achieve in my bucket list. Do you agree? Haha. 

Lunes, Nobyembre 26, 2012

Going Floral

Photographer: Midler Roxas
H&MUA: Angeline Calingasan

Outtakes from J Trend xx The Big Box Collaboration mini shoot. Tiring but a very productive day indeed! Here are some of my favorite shots from the album. 

Veering from my usual shorts - skirt outfit, well this one's a first for me! My first time to try printed pants / jeans, well not bad at all I guess. I usually stick to my denim shorts, high waist shorts or my skirts in almost all of my looks. Then I thought, why not give this a try - it wouldn't hurt a lot.   

We had this mini shoot at La Mesa Eco Park, Fairview. To those who haven't been at La Mesa Eco Park, oh guys you wouldn't dare miss this place, I can assure you that this place would always be a perfect spot for shoots especially for a special milestone in your life (Wedding / Debut ). If you're looking for some nature scenery, oh man here's what you're prolly looking for. Don't you think my floral pants matches the place? :)

Top: TheBigBox
Floral Pants: J Trend


Good Vibes (Giveaway Winner)

Holla! Tonight, Imma announce the winner of my November Giveaway, finally! Hooray! This lucky person will have a polka skirt (as promised) and a surprise gift also :P I'm in the mood to give freebies, just so ya know. 

And oh, I wanna share my narcissism / craziness with you and my joy of having my new macro lens (prime lens). Hihi. I've been really down for the past two months because my SLR's lens gave up on me. Psssh. No need for extra filters and post-processing from now on! *deep sigh* Okay, enough of "me". I forgot that this blog post is intimately intended for my giveaway winner. 

And here you go. Congraaaaaaats, PATRICIA REYES! <3 Yes you! You'l gonna take home ze White Polka skirt and a surprise gift. To claim your freebies, kindly email me ( your Name, Contact Number, Shipping Address within 24 hours! Thank you so much, lucky girl. <3

Watch out for my next giveaway this week. (Peplum Skirts, Accessories and more <3) I'm excited!! How about you? 

Big thanks to everyone who joined! <3


Linggo, Nobyembre 25, 2012

I'm suddenly..

...Falling in love with Black and White. Just a little touch of gold and you're good to go. Whenever I wear something black and white I feel a little matured - its beginning to sink in that I'm an adult! Finally. No one can ever go wrong with this combination. Just be diligent on what accessories you're gonna blend in. This combination, as I can see can be the easiest style a person can pull off. Anyone can look so classy and elegant with this combo, I swear! Anyhooo..

This is what I wore during the Crossroads Bazaar held at UP Diliman. And I'm proud to say that this is one of J trend's finest pieces. It comes with three colors: salmon pink, beige/brown and white. I opted to wear the white one because as I've said earlier, I'm just into ze black and white combination. And I'm glad with the compliments I received during the bazaar about my dress.

And oh, we're having test shots here with my new Prime (Macro) Lens! Yayyy! I got it for a very cheap cheap price! And it's really worth it. Boyf and I are currently into Photography right now. And he's claiming that he is better than me. Oh well. Let's just see :>

I was really too shy to pose during that time because many people are looking - especially the booth owners too. Haha! I was like "Beb, bilisan mo! Ayoko na!" but still managing to do some decent poses.

Top: J Trend || Necklace: Jtrend || Sandals: FitFlop

Want to have this dress? Just hit this up: J trend (Click!)


Sabado, Nobyembre 24, 2012

Crossroads Bazaar: UP Diliman

I was so lucky to be invited by an organization at UPD to be one of their sponsors in their event: Crossroads (Where All Styles Meet) last November 23, 2012. It was a fun-filled experience and at the same time I was able to meet several online shop owners and fashion bloggers too! Talk about big time!

This is my second time to have a real bazaar and I'm still not used to it, I mean the whole set-up thing. Big big effort indeed! Good thing I have a very supportive slash strong slash creative boyfriend slash photographer. Haha. Who would have thought he can create a booth like this. How cool is that?

So without further ado, let me introduce my humble booth at the UP Diliman Bazaar... Tada!

Yes, that's him! Finishing touches of my Pink Booth! <3 My friends told me that when they saw the pink booth, they knew it was mine. So yeah, it really matches my whole personality. And I say thank you to ze boyf for this! <3

See right here - the fashion bloggers who made the event EXTRA exciting and fun fun fun! There's a question and answer portion in which each of the bloggers will elaborate their fashion style, icon and the likes. It was really a big help and a learning tool especially to those who are planning to start their own fashion blog. Want to get some tips and dots? Why not follow them and see for yourself what I;m talking about here :)

*Verniece Enciso:
*Aisa Ipac:
*Seph Cham of Love Chic:

Of course, I would not let this moment pass without me having a picture wth one of my favorite fashion bloggers, Verniece Enciso. I adore the Enciso sisters. I don't know, but I find them as  a living Barbie Doll. They have a pretty face, fair  fair complexion and almost perfect body. Who would not love them, right? Well, of course they are different and unique in their own way. For Verniece, what makes me love her even more is her motivation for fashion and styling. Plus, her style is very asian, in which Filipinas can greatly relate to it. 

Please excuse my face there - I am really in a fan girl mode that moment! Haha. I was really astonished with her very beautiful face. #GirlCrush See, it made me really look small and dark but who cares! After seeing her, I felt energized again. Seriously, Good vibes paved way down into my system during that moment. Even when they left, and shoppers bombarded my booth - I was still on a high! :> That's how inspiring Ms. Verniece is <3

See how happy I am selling and talking with my customer slash shoppers. One of the happiest moments in my life, indeed. 

My best buds ever during highschool made an effort to show up themselves and support me all the way. I love you guys to death :*

My 3-year-old nephew was very supportive, too. He was very quirky that moment and unknowingly he was able to attract customers because of his cuteness. Oh, how I love him <3

Happy shoppers and a happy seller too! <3

So, I'll see you guys on my next bazaar? Yes?


Lunes, Nobyembre 12, 2012

Fit Knit

Since the Holiday Season is fast approaching - a month to go!, girls are going gaga over sweaters and longsleeves top! They can be paired with denim shorts, skirts, bandage skirts and even jeans! It goes well with everything and the best part there is that you can roam around anywhere comfortably with that outfit. It's a to-go outfit every girl must have this time of the year! <3

Lennon Vintage Shades can give a classic twist on your look! Why not have one? Grab it for only P380 at J Trend (CLICK!)

Knit Sweaters available at J Trend! SHOP NOW! <3

Biyernes, Nobyembre 9, 2012

J Trend xx TheBigBox: A Collaboration

Model/s: Angeline Calingasan & Joey Arevalo
Photographer / Post-processing: Midler Roxas
HMUA: Angeline Calingasan
Styling: Joey Arevalo

Finally! The much awaited collaboration of J Trend and TheBigBox. The biggest collection of the year, who's up for it? <3

What to expect: Branded items, tank tops, sleeveless, corset tops, high-waist shorts, Floral Pants, Cropped Tops, Vintage tops and more!!! <3

Save the date on November 12, 2012 (It's a Monday!!!)

See more photos on:
The Big Box Page

Martes, Nobyembre 6, 2012

November Giveaway!

Oohhhh, I can smell a giveaway this month! Since ladies are going gaga for polka, why not give away something lucky this month of November?


(Black and White Polka Dots Skirt)

How to win this? Oh, just follow these simple mechanics.


STEP 1: Like J Trend's Page (Click the link)

STEP 2: Follow me on Twitter: @ZeJoey and tweet this: "Want to win a Polka Skirt? Join @ZeJoey 's November Giveaway at"

STEP 3: Follow me on Google Friend Connect (located on my left sidebar) 

*Comment here your Name, Email Address, FB Name, Twitter Name


Giveaway will end on November 25, 2012; One winner will be chosen via and will be announced on the 26th. Contest is open to Philippine residents only.


Biyernes, Nobyembre 2, 2012


A start of something new and fresh! J Trend will be having a new collection tomorrow, November 3, 2012. Who's excited? <3

What to expect? (Here are some snapshots of ze new collection tomorrow) 

* Floral Corset - a must have for every stylistas out there. You can use this for casual day out, night out party and even corporate wear. It goes well with skirts, jeans, maxis and even denim shorts! You can never go wrong with a corset. NEVER! 

* Longsleeves - Cold, cozy days are fast approaching and every girl needs warm clothes but still can look very fashionable. Who would not want to look chic on a holiday?

* Lace Bandage Skirt - This would be my personal favorite in the collection. Whatever top I wear with this, it matches so well. This skirt can give every top an "oooomph" and a classic twist.

* Polkadot Skirts - It can give a vintage-y look into your outfit. Wearing this could also make you feel lucky. Why not try one? :)

Oooops, that's all for tonight but don't you worry because you would not any longer! FAUX COLLECTION will be released tomorrow, November 3, 2012. It's a Saturday! Please, please don't dare miss this. And spread the love <3