Lunes, Nobyembre 26, 2012

Going Floral

Photographer: Midler Roxas
H&MUA: Angeline Calingasan

Outtakes from J Trend xx The Big Box Collaboration mini shoot. Tiring but a very productive day indeed! Here are some of my favorite shots from the album. 

Veering from my usual shorts - skirt outfit, well this one's a first for me! My first time to try printed pants / jeans, well not bad at all I guess. I usually stick to my denim shorts, high waist shorts or my skirts in almost all of my looks. Then I thought, why not give this a try - it wouldn't hurt a lot.   

We had this mini shoot at La Mesa Eco Park, Fairview. To those who haven't been at La Mesa Eco Park, oh guys you wouldn't dare miss this place, I can assure you that this place would always be a perfect spot for shoots especially for a special milestone in your life (Wedding / Debut ). If you're looking for some nature scenery, oh man here's what you're prolly looking for. Don't you think my floral pants matches the place? :)

Top: TheBigBox
Floral Pants: J Trend


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  1. I love your floral pants! =)
    anyway, i hope you can join my ongoing blog giveaway series!!
    part 1:
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    It will end on the 30th! Hope to see you there!

    Rae :3

    Mga Tugon
    1. Thank you, Rae! Dropped by your blog and found it so amusing! :) And yes, I'll join this one for sure :) Thanks!

  2. lovely blog dear,
    and i love your outfit.
    the pants are lovely.



  3. Love your blog and this outfit!!

    Check out mine, and if you like we can follow eachother on Bloglovin' & GFC? Let me know and will follow straight back! Looking foward to hearing from you



    Mga Tugon
    1. Awww thanks Kelly! Alright, will follow you on GFC! Thank you for dropping by my blog pretty girl :)

  4. your pants are amazing! I want to try that one out but I don't think I could pull that off, heck you did!

  5. Hi Verna! Give a try! At first I thought it won't look good one me too! :> Thank you for dropping by <3

  6. Great blog dear! I´m your new follower on gfc. Feel free to follow back. Kisses

  7. hi... finally i got time to visit your blog.. btw thanks for dropping a comment on my blog i really appreciate that you like it..^^ anyway your blog was pretty amazing.. i bet its more awesome than mine..haha and i already followed you.. one more thing you look perfectly sweet with those pants..^^ more power to your blog..

    more love,