Huwebes, Nobyembre 29, 2012

Christmas Wishlist!

Holla! It's the time of the year again when it's legal to post something you wish for this Holiday Season! This year, I came up with twelve sweet dispositions. I actually did this Wishlist thing last October and I told myself I have to wait for the right time to post it, and I guess this is it! I've got lots in my mind but these are the things I really aspire to have within a year (and the feasible ones *wink*). <3 

1. Macro Lens (Canon) - which I already have! Hihi! <3
2. Tripod 
3. Reflector - you can buy cheap ones at Greenhills
4. SLR Case/Bag (Pink) - my case as of the moment is such a flunkee
5. Lita Jeffrey Campbell's Shoes (Black) 
6. Studded High waist-ed Shorts
7. Casio Watch (Gold)
* 8. Victoria Secret BODY (Please, Lord) - Hahaha, I know. Sssssh! 
9. Electric Sewing Machine - I've always wanted to have one since I was 10.
10. Clothes Rack - this would really be helpful in my upcoming bazaars
12. A picture-filled bedroom

There you go! How did you find my Wishlist for this Christmas? Share your thoughts! :)

*ehem ehem*


P.S. The one with the asterisk (*), maybe you noticed, will be the hardest thing to achieve in my bucket list. Do you agree? Haha. 

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    1. Thanks, Kim! You deserve to be followed <3 No worries! :)

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  4. want them all too!

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  5. Hope you get these items, gurl! Baka bumaba si Santa down the chimney, who knows! (taray may chimney ang house niyo eh noh!)

    Followed you sexy fashionista!

  6. that shoes looks like one from the Nasty girls! (its a brand) it rocks! i love it! i follwed you! it be nice if you can follow me back too!