Linggo, Disyembre 30, 2012

Christmas Goodies

I've been piled up with blog posts that I need to post for tonight just before this year ends. If you have read my recent post (Pasko 2012), I have left a note there that I will be posting our annual family exchange gift on my next post, which is basically this post. 

Christmas time means goodies from my family, friends, and loved ones! I open all my gifts after our Noche Buena just to make it more exciting for me. So as I was saying, our Family Exchange gift is held every year after our Noche Buena. We have our bunutan every last week of November or the first week of December so we'll have more time for preparation and gift hunting all around the Metro. This year my monito is my favorite aunt slash ninang, Tita Itang (famously known as Wowa). 

I won't be able to show you our exchange gift photos for now because they are still unedited. So, I'll just show (and not brag) you guys the goodies I received from my loved ones. I was able to cross out some of the items I have in my Christmas 2012 Wishlist: (CLICK for reference), my appreciation and many thanks to those who made an effort to find those <3

Though it's indicated in my Christmas 2012 Wishlist that i terribly want a Gold Casio watch, I think this one will do and I absolutely love this gift to bits because it came from the most special man of my life - Ze Boyf. Thank you, you really know me well! Two thumbs up! <3

 Yay for a Tripod!! - Mom's Gift

My Macro Lens - which I got 2 weeks before Christmas. <3

Talking about our exchange gift, I got this from Alex! Thank you (errm to your mom of course). You fooled me again!! But again, this is a perfect exchange gift! 

Thanks my dear sister - Tricia for this envelope bag in Mustard! You hit the nail on the head fo that!

I was the one who chose this bag because my mom said it would be a gift for someone - I was so clueless that that someone is me! Good Job, dad! Thanks for my bloody red bag!

My eldest sister just realized how badly I needed this thing! Thank you :)

 New baby <3 

This is my mom's but she saw my wishlist and said we could share this stuff which she knows I can use in my lifetime career. HOW SWEET :"

So, that's it! It's almost the 31'st of December - the last day of the year! Make sure to spend it wisely and of course make it worthwhile!

Hope you could share yours too :)

XX, J <3

PASKO 2012

Christmas will always be the best season for me. Not only because of the foods, gifts and new clothes but also because this season serves as the best way for our family to be reunited and be closer with each other. I get very excited every time December 24 belches in because I know that it would be the perfect time for us to bond and have a fun time while preparing our Noche Buena. 

What's up for our Noche Buena? My mom always sees to it that we'll have a very special Noche Buena for a very special celebration - the birth of Jesus. Our traditional Embutido (which is classically made by my mom) never gets out of our menu. We also have Lengua, Cordon Bleu (which is made by yours truly), Ham, Leche Flan, Macaroni Salad, and Fruit Salad! :)

Another tradition of our family every Christmas is our Picture Taking after the mass. 

White Christmas for us! (except for my sister)
Tres Marias


Magat Family

Tadada! My "Princess Sarah" peg Christmas Outfit! :>

So, that's how we spent our Christmas Eve! :) How about yours? 

P.S. Another tradition of our family is our Exchange Gift, which is done after our Noche Buena. (wait for my next post!)

XX, J <3

Linggo, Disyembre 23, 2012

Of Polkas and Bows

I was browsing through my old files for something to post tonight since I do not have any updated outfit photos, and tadada look what I've found!! Polka dots vibes just before Christmas! 

I can't believe I look that thin just a year ago, and look at me now, a big fat badass! But no worries, I know I'll miss this chubby figure once I hit General Santos next year, where I'll be far away from home and food goodies. So better fill up this stomach before I get going :>

Top: J Trend | Shorts: J Trend 

2 days 'til Christmas. I'm excited! How about you? 

XX, Joey

Sabado, Disyembre 22, 2012

Alive Human

Cheers to ze Good Life <3

Peplum Top: J trend | Bandage Skirt: Landmark

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Huwebes, Disyembre 20, 2012

Cross My Heart

Cheers to my favorite top from my own online shop, J Trend. Hence, I kept it and didn't bother to sell it! This striped longsleeves top really caught my eye the first time I saw it and til the day of our product photo shoot, i finally made the decision to just buy it from my own shop. I think it's a must have! What do you think?

I love how the my hair color seemed vibrant with the top! :) and the curls!

Top: J trend | Shorts: Crissa | Cross Necklace: J trend

Christmas is fast approaching! Who's excited?


Miyerkules, Disyembre 19, 2012

Super Duper Christmas!

Holla! We meet again! After weeks of being a busy bee cos of my bazaar (will post photos and details soon here!), here I go again updating my flunkee blog. Today, my cutest and my one and only nephew in the world had his Christmas Party at PSSC (Philippine Social Science Center) care of his school (The Growing Place). They have been rehearsing and preparing for this school program for almost a month, even at home I can hear Alex randomly sings unusual Christmas Songs during lunch or dinner. Well, no efforts were wasted because the program went on spontaneously and very entertaining. Students of different ages especially the 2's and 3's were very adorable and eager to finish their performances with a big big smile! No doubt, Alex got his charms and talent from his aunt *ehem ehem* <3

Super Duper Christmas Theme <3

Tadada! That's Alex after the program, fronting a big big smile for us. See how adorable he is? :)

The Lion and the Rabbit as what we call ourselves! Bestfriends forever <3

So to top it all, here's what I wore for today! :) 

Classy Jane Flats: Luxe Mode

Top & Skirt: Landmark | Bag: Tomato | Watch: Kenneth Cole

That's it for today. I missed everyone! <3

XX, Joey