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PASKO 2012

Christmas will always be the best season for me. Not only because of the foods, gifts and new clothes but also because this season serves as the best way for our family to be reunited and be closer with each other. I get very excited every time December 24 belches in because I know that it would be the perfect time for us to bond and have a fun time while preparing our Noche Buena. 

What's up for our Noche Buena? My mom always sees to it that we'll have a very special Noche Buena for a very special celebration - the birth of Jesus. Our traditional Embutido (which is classically made by my mom) never gets out of our menu. We also have Lengua, Cordon Bleu (which is made by yours truly), Ham, Leche Flan, Macaroni Salad, and Fruit Salad! :)

Another tradition of our family every Christmas is our Picture Taking after the mass. 

White Christmas for us! (except for my sister)
Tres Marias


Magat Family

Tadada! My "Princess Sarah" peg Christmas Outfit! :>

So, that's how we spent our Christmas Eve! :) How about yours? 

P.S. Another tradition of our family is our Exchange Gift, which is done after our Noche Buena. (wait for my next post!)

XX, J <3

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