Sabado, Hunyo 23, 2012

Kiss me like you own me

6 days from now, I'll be taking my most awaited board exam. I know that I can do this and that's because of God :) Had a date with the Lord early this morning and I feel so blessed right now :) Nothing beats this feeling every time I'm with Him :) 

Here's a little fast break outfit shot before reviewing! Today will be my last full blown review! Haha! Kudos to me! :)

Clutch from CMG | Vintage sunnies from Jeronne Lazo

Sorry for my terrible poor feet :(
Top and Maxi Pants both from Trinoma, Landmark. 

I am a big fan of Landmark, Trinoma because of their cheap finds! But they really got it all :)

Anyway, something incredible happened to me yesterday! I've been ranting about this for the nth time last night and I know I am being annoying now. BUT I JUST CAN'T GET OVER WITH IT!! I saw ELISA AQUINO at Serenitea yesterday! She even hugged me and wished me luck for my upcoming board exam. AND AND she accepted my Facebook request last night!!! *faints* K. Just check out her blog to find out why I'm acting like this! HAHA! Such a fan girl <3 <3

Elisa Aquino's Humble Blog: The Dream Factory

Okay! Back to reality! Time to study! :>

Joey Arevalo