Linggo, Setyembre 11, 2011

Shopping Day!

Hello! :) A very tiring day for me and my mom. Haha! We bought items again for my online shop :"> It was quite tiring but enjoyable too! We love shopping that's why never get tired of doing it! :) Almost every week, we're having our shopping sessions! :) Haha! We stopped by at Megamall, too! Of course, I would not miss to pass by Forever21. Tiheee. I didn't buy any clothes from there today (I need to save money). Hence, I bought a new Candy Bag and Oxford Shoes today :) (the bag and shoes I wanted for so looooong) I wanted to die when I saw them both. K. Anyway, here are my new babies! <3

Stripes & Floral

K. I'm so haaaapppy! :)

BTW, Watch out for my 19th Collection on Tuesday! <3 Hihi! We shoot for our teasers a while ago! I borrowed my sister! Hihi! Thank you for being my model for today! <3

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Thank youuuu and Goodnight! <3

Martes, Setyembre 6, 2011

Sister's Birthday 2011

Happy Birthday to my dearest ate! :) She just turned 28 today. Tiheee, so old but still a kid at heart. Ohhhh, thank me for that compliment! Haha. They all went at Trinoma after lunch so Tita Itang and I just followed them (coz I stil have class `til 3pm :|). Commute all the way to Trinoma :| I wish mom would give me a car on Christmas or on my Graduation! Hihi. Do I sound so demanding?

We ate dinner at aVeneto Pizzeria Ristorante. The food was, uh, blaaaaaand. Reaaally my two sisters and I kept on complaining about how bland the food was. The chef forgot to put salt, I guess :)) The ambiance was really not that appealing, food not that okay, waiters are unfriendly. How sad that place is. :( Anyway, let me share some of our pictures a while ago ;)

Though food was not great, we managed to finish them all! WHAT IS GUTOM? Haha! :))


HAPPY 28th BIRTHDAY TO MY SISTER! <3 I love you!

Sabado, Setyembre 3, 2011


A day with my mom, dad and my beb! Haha! 

First stop: Bridal Factory
No, we're not YET getting married! Haha! We accompanied mommy there coz she'll be fitting her gown (she's going to be a ninang!). The gown is not yet finished though :( Bead works are not yet placed. 

Unfinished Gown
Mommy looks fantastic, right? :> Beautiful mom :) I love her so muuuuch! :* I can't wait to see you with your gown and make-up on September 9 (Wedding date of her Friend).

Second Stop: East Fairview
Crazy Pictures of us! <3


Third Stop: SM Fairview
Just had my meet-up with my clients! :> And grocery with my mom! :)

Here's my outfit for today:

Rolling Stones Top with a touch of Britain Flag is LOVE <3
Had fun todaaaaaay! :) I super love my parents and my boyf! <3 Bye for now! <3

Huwebes, Setyembre 1, 2011

Cheers to Blogger!

Heya everyone! New blog again :> Tihee. Sorry, I keep changing my blog :|  I find Blogger easier to use than Wordpress. (Haha, can't change my theme there :|) Yea, sounds loser right? Oh well, I'm very much inspired with other bloggers out there. Imma share one blog site that I read everyday. Last week, I spent the whole day reading her entire blog (yes, from the day she started blogging). Haha! Why do I love her Blog? We share common interests like Fashion and Photography! :) I love her photos and how she writes in her blog :> definitely worth reading! :) And, her camera collections really amazed me! :>

Here's her site:

Try viewing Ms. Angel's Blog site! I promise, you won't regret it!

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