Sabado, Setyembre 3, 2011


A day with my mom, dad and my beb! Haha! 

First stop: Bridal Factory
No, we're not YET getting married! Haha! We accompanied mommy there coz she'll be fitting her gown (she's going to be a ninang!). The gown is not yet finished though :( Bead works are not yet placed. 

Unfinished Gown
Mommy looks fantastic, right? :> Beautiful mom :) I love her so muuuuch! :* I can't wait to see you with your gown and make-up on September 9 (Wedding date of her Friend).

Second Stop: East Fairview
Crazy Pictures of us! <3


Third Stop: SM Fairview
Just had my meet-up with my clients! :> And grocery with my mom! :)

Here's my outfit for today:

Rolling Stones Top with a touch of Britain Flag is LOVE <3
Had fun todaaaaaay! :) I super love my parents and my boyf! <3 Bye for now! <3

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