Miyerkules, Disyembre 28, 2011


A supposed-to-be-date with ze boyfriend turned out nigh out party with my sister, boyfriend and his cousins! <3 An awesome thing to do before 2011 ends. Michael (ze boyfriend) and I will just resched our date since we don't have moolah anymore! Haha. Monday was basically not a party day but we pursued our plan to go on a night out! Haha. Bars at Eastwood were closed, Popular bars at Morato were closed too. So, we ended up at Guilly's. Haha. The bar was terribly jam packed, maybe because it was the only bar open that night.

Imma share some pictures of us that night! :)

I love you for the nth time. Thank youuuu <3

Ze Girls <3
With my future cousins. HIHIHI :">

My boyfriend and my sistah

Our first time together on a nigh out. Yiiiiz

Getting along well

We decided to eat at ChicBoy right after the party

3rd CHRISTMAS together <3

I had one of the best night this 2011 <3 Can't wait for more of this on 2012! Hihi.

P.S. The dress I wore was a gift from my sister during Christmas. And I loved it. :*


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  1. you look good together. Lovelovelove!