Huwebes, Disyembre 8, 2011

BTS: Graduation Picture

Finally, it's done! After 2 weeks of crucial preparation for our graduation picture, it's over! :> We only had 2 weeks to prepare for our creative shots and stuff. Due to our hectic schedule, we also had a conflict with our pictorial schedules which made it harder for us students. :( But I guess everything turned out good! Agree? In 2 weeks time, my boyf and I decided to have a matching creative shot. It may sound cheesy, but who cares? Haha! First we thought of imitating Mr. and Mrs. Smith (which I think doesn't suit our personality). So we just thought of something else (something crazy and playful). So lemme show you guys some of our behind the scenes act. Actual Photos will be given after a month. :>

Our Creative Shot! :) So happy with ze outcome! :>


Pre-nup! Haha!

"Nurse" Eeew! Haha!


Debut niya eh! :))

So, there you go! Some of our teasers for our graduation picture! I can't wait for the outcome!! :)

ANYWAY! I have a good new for everyone!! I will be having a Christmas Giveaway on Saturday! :) Big online shops will sponsor my giveaway! :) Watch out for that and always keep posted!

Joey Arevalo

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  1. ang cute naman ng theme ng graduation pictorial niy0! =)
    advance congratulations sa inyo! ^_^

    by the way, let's follow each others' blogs???