Linggo, Hulyo 21, 2013

Red Flux

One could never go wrong with this classic color combination: Red & White. Classic color combinations look stylish on everyone, whatever season it is. Red ensembles can automatically give that spice in your look no matter how simple and laid back an outfit is. 

Good thing I found my red pants which I've purposely neglected already in my closet. I'm really not a "jeans person" cos I feel and look short whenever I wear them. But since my mantra for this year is to try new things and go beyond my limits, well why not try wearing pants more often for a change. Right?

Did I somehow manage to look presentable wearing those pants? I hope so. 

Vintage cat-eye sunnies by Charlie. I bet you all know that Charlie has the most stylish yet affordable sunnies in town. 

Top from Bubbles.

Tried wearing the top without those sleeves. Can you guess where I hid them? Haha! This top can be worn and styled in different ways, you just have to choose a perfect pair and frills for it. 

Shoes from Jellybean


Biyernes, Hulyo 19, 2013

Hawk Eye

Look who's back to blogging - well, sort of. I am really happy that Hawk Eye Shop gave me a chance to have them as one of my sponsors here in my blog. Hawk Eye Online shop started as a "one stop thrift shop" and they eventually started to offer brand new items that are beyond fashionable. Amazing, right? 

I got this lovely dress from the Hawk Eye shop and I must say I'm pretty impressed with how it made an illusion of me being skinny? But really, I look thin with this dress and I'm freaking lovin' it!! 

Finally! A pair that can hook around with anything under the sky and the sun. I must admit I just had my first black pumps today, so cheers for that I guess? 

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P.P.S. They have an ongoing giveaway and I'm sure it's a real deal. Please click the link below for more details:

Dress - Hawk Eye Shop
Heels - So! Fab
Spike Necklace - Bazaar


Biyernes, Hulyo 5, 2013


Holla! I've been very eager to get back to blogging few days ago but I just don't have enough time to start again. As you can see, I have not been updating my blog for almost 2 months already because I was too preoccupied with too many irrelevant things slash people in my life. Errm, not everything's irrelevant though because I am happy to broadcast here that I've landed a decent job last June and I am very excited because training will start this month. I have been in a corporate attire hunt couple of weeks ago and I just can't freakin wait to wear them and do blog posts on my corpo attires (which I hope I can do religiously). And oh, please do pray that I pass training so I can advance to the field work (which is more exciting and quite terrifying). Enough of my rants, more of the main show. 

Aside from being back to blogging, I have also decided to relive my online business. Yay for that! It actually feels good to be back on track (which means seeing my face more often again) HAHA well that's the bad side of it. Anyway, I'm excited to show you J Trend's latest collection. :>

P.S. All items will be sold for P199! Who's excited? I can't wait to release them tomorrow night (Saturday) though everything's shown here already. Well, if you want to order you can drop a message over my Twitter Account (@joeyarevalo). 

I missed you, guys!! <3