Biyernes, Oktubre 12, 2012

TOP PICKS (Online Shops)

Online shopping has been a trend these past few years and I must say I was pretty much hooked with it. Why shop online? It's very convenient, fast and time savvy! No need to go outside your house - perfect for a lazy daisy like me!

I'll share my favorite online shops (so far) here in PH! <3 - Err, just the Top 5 because one blog post would not be enough if I'll enumerate all.

(Click on the Shop name to get on their page)


We all know Bubbles for their very affordable and trendy items. They first started selling accessories which became a hit just a year ago. Popular bloggers eventually shop religiously at Bubbles. Day by day, they offer something different. They don't follow trends, they are the TREND. They make a statement, a scene and an atmosphere. Every print, they make; every material, they create. That's how Bubble works :)


Wanna get wired? Anagon has been the epitome of creativity and uniqueness. Who would have thought wired accessories will be a hit? Talk about style and art, that would be Anagon. And of course success would not be possible without the creative mind behind Anagon, Ms. Ana Gonzales (I would really want to meet her!). "Great minds create passion"

Striking, fun, colorful and playful - best words to describe this online shop. With limited items which are unique and customized, you'll never get wrong with IAAH. They cater items that would totally amazed the inner souls of fashionistas. From clothes, accessories and even bags - they surely have it all! Neons, Aztecs, Leopard Prints, Spikes, - and everything pretty under the sun. Who would not love IAAH? :3

Pretty stuffs, pretty models and pretty styling - an edge this online shop have. They all have pretty things running inside their system. Clothes that would perfectly fit a stylista. They can never run out of pretty and classy items. I would never doubt if Anti fashion has a pretty owner <3

Simplicity at its finest. What makes you more beautiful is simplicity. It makes you be more, and feel more. And that's what Simone's Closet is all about - simplicity with a twist. What I love most about this shop is the passion burning from within - a characteristic shown by the owner (Denise). An online shop that would go higher and higher but still quality never fades. 

And that's it - my top 5 picks for the most admirable online shop alive here in the Philippines <3

Can you share yours? <3

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  1. Thank you so much! :) Such a great way to end the day! :)

  2. weeeeeeeeeee kilig to the bones :) thank you Joey! :)