Lunes, Oktubre 29, 2012

Ze Lazy Saturday

One lazy Saturday lunch time at the office, and significantly my last Saturday there. I'll miss the green, cozy and refreshing surroundings of the Techno.  

How do you find my cute Leopardo eyeglasses?
Oh, please excuse my dry and frizzy hair. I know how disgusting my hair looks like plus I fret cutting my hair this short. It made my cheeks look more bubbly than ever. 

Ze top actually belongs to my mother dear, and I know this will look better on me :P I paired it with a lightly colored jeans to lighten up the whole look. My leopard flats and eyeglasses just added an "oommp" to this simple look. Finally, a red belt won't hurt, right? 

Top: Mom's | Jeans: JAG | Leopard Flats: Solemate
2 months working at IBM made me this big. ;) Diet? Nah, I'd rather die than refrain my self from eating. So, cheers to chubbiness! <3

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