Martes, Hulyo 31, 2012


I was browsing through my files here in my computer and I was happy to see some of my old photos hidden deep down. I was happy and at the same time nostalgic while editing ze pictures, they remind me of how determined I was back then to pursue my dreams in lined with Fashion and the Arts.

While I was editing the pictures, I noticed that I gained lots of fats (obviously seen in my arms and thighs), my hair is now long and frizzy, plus I got the chubbiest cheeks ever!

September 2011

October 2011

I noticed one more thing: I have the same smile and pose through the years! Haha :D Will dig in for more pictures! Ciao!

Joey Arevalo

Sabado, Hulyo 28, 2012

Ambush Makeover

I had the happiest weekend last week because I spent it with my bestfriend and her family. Sleepover is really our "thing", I mean we grew up having endless sleepovers since we were in gradeschool, oh plus our swimming escapades (which is disregarded now for some reasons YOU KNOW WHYYY). We've been tad busy during the past few years because of our Nursing Career. And I realized, I missed her. A LOT. I can spend a week with her just to catch up every single detail about us

I was too happy when she invited me to come over her house for a lunch (cooked by her dad) instead of having it in a restaurant since we're both broke. Her family prepared an extra special lunch and dinner for me. I am very glad that they consider me as part of their family. :)

Ze Bestfriend

My thighs, I KNOW. :(

Make-up, dressing up, taking pictures and the likes would never ever be missing within our system. It's a girl thang! Hihi. I love every bits of her :* No Secrets, Just Love <3

Joey Arevalo

Linggo, Hulyo 8, 2012

I'm on a high!

The title tells it all! I'm on a high with everything around me - leopard print, blogging, food, driving and everything! I think this is really normal when you're living a bum life. Anyhoo, I was cleaning my folders here in the computer and I found something interesting to post. This was taken last year and I haven't started my blog yet that time. 

This is included to the 18th collection of my online shop (JTrend) and this set was my favorite! :) 

Leopard Sheer top & Pink Bow Shorts both form J Trend | Shoes: Figlia

I miss having photoshoots! :> Will get back on that REAL SOON! :>

Joey Arevalo

Sabado, Hulyo 7, 2012

Leopard and Dots

Hello everyone! It's been a while again! :) I'm done with everything! Review days are over and I'm back with my normal life again. So expect to see an updated blog (Uh, I guess). I took my board exams last Sunday and since it's a week over, it's time for some outfit post again. I wasn't able to post for a week since my camera's auto focus is broken :( Anyway, A sunday full of blessings so better be thankful with God :)

Leopard and Dots on a Sunday! :)

Top: The Ramp | Skirt: J trend | Shoes: Finickee

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Joey Arevalo