Sabado, Hulyo 28, 2012

Ambush Makeover

I had the happiest weekend last week because I spent it with my bestfriend and her family. Sleepover is really our "thing", I mean we grew up having endless sleepovers since we were in gradeschool, oh plus our swimming escapades (which is disregarded now for some reasons YOU KNOW WHYYY). We've been tad busy during the past few years because of our Nursing Career. And I realized, I missed her. A LOT. I can spend a week with her just to catch up every single detail about us

I was too happy when she invited me to come over her house for a lunch (cooked by her dad) instead of having it in a restaurant since we're both broke. Her family prepared an extra special lunch and dinner for me. I am very glad that they consider me as part of their family. :)

Ze Bestfriend

My thighs, I KNOW. :(

Make-up, dressing up, taking pictures and the likes would never ever be missing within our system. It's a girl thang! Hihi. I love every bits of her :* No Secrets, Just Love <3

Joey Arevalo

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