Lunes, Agosto 27, 2012


If it is meant for you, God will always find a way to give it to you. 

Slowly, it is starting to sink in. Down into my system. I can feel the drastic change, a sudden feeling. I never imagined my self in this state, I feel so blessed and accomplished. 

This, I consider as my greatest achievement. An accomplishment I offer to my parents, my family and my God. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. I could not ask for more. :)

Jose Lhett D.O. Arevalo, R.N.

Finally, a REGISTERED NURSE. Oooops, not until the Oath taking :)

J <3

Linggo, Agosto 12, 2012

Luxe Mode

When I hear the word Luxurious, a certain online shop pops up in my mind: LUXE MODE! Luxe Mode started last June 2008 (Yes, they are one of the pioneer online shops in Multiply) and owned by the ever-friendly and gorgeous, Vanya Peralta. Through the years, Luxe Mode never fails to satisfy the fashion needs and cravings of every Filipinas without even spending to much. 

Luxe Mode caters different items - from clothes (unique pieces), accessories, planners and lately their hit Luxe Mode Shoes! Stylish, chic, unique and affordable - it's definitely LUXE MODE.

Luxe Mode really paved their way in the fashion industry. They now have their very own Luxe Mode Shoes. They have Rainbow Flats, Dainty Floral Flats and now the Neon Flats! Who's not excited for this? :> 

For more information (prices and stuffs) don't ever hesitate to visit their Facebook Page: LUXE MODE PAGE

Going gaga over the shoes? Hurry and click this link: Luxe Mode Shoes

P.S. Luxe Mode will give discounts! Hihi. Just wait for our little surprise :"

J <3

Miyerkules, Agosto 8, 2012

All that Glitters

Photos taken during my Graduation (April 26, 2012) Oh! It was my birthday, too :)

Photographer: Tricia Santiago
HMUA: Leticia Arevalo

Post-Grad/Post-birthday celebration at Technohub

Overrated big round lights at Technohub

Frou Frou Dress - The Ram, Trinoma | Green Shoes - Janilyn

Matching outfits
It's better to be late than never, right?  The reason why I posted this just now is because I actually lost the folder where I put my Graduation pictures. Lame right? I was digging through my folders and tada! Finally found them.

Well, my title actually says it all. I love how glittery my dress turned out in the photos. My mom and I actually bought my dress and shoes a day before my very historic day. I just became unemployed and 21 years old in an instant. Whew!

Ze glittery dress is from Frou Frou of The Ramp, and I actually fell in love with it the first time I saw the dress. It was quite short, which my mom thought would not be appropriate for the rites, still I insisted. I just love it. After a short argument with my mom, she finally paid for it! Luhh. What's next? The shoes and the bag! I had a hard time choosing the shoes that would fit my glittery dress. I want something not too boring, and not too loud. So, I opted for a green one. And for the bag, I just let my mom choose for me!

So, what do you think of my Graduation/Birthday look? :) 

J <3

Linggo, Agosto 5, 2012

Smart Casual

Photographer: Midler Roxas
MUA: Nikki Florderliz
(No post processing)

Hellew Rainy Sunday! What have you been up lately, folks? Me? I've been stuck up here in the house during the weekend BOO to our very fickle minded weather. Since I have no outfit shots this week, mainly because of the weather and my very hectic work-related schedule, I opted to use my recent photos from the A&F Collection (check out my recent post) courtesy of the Big Box and Midler Roxas ;)

This set would be my favorite of all! I paired the polo with a black high waist shorts for a decent yet casual effect. Plus, I added a geeky effect to give the look a twist. I hope I did not confuse you people.

So, what do you think about this look?

J <3

Sabado, Agosto 4, 2012

Abercrombie & Fitch

My bestfriend and I definitely had an awesome A&F experience. Our friend, Midler Roxas has a very unique online shop which caters branded items and they are surely and 100% original (that's their sacred promise). They offer signature clothes, accessories and even bags! Isn't it great? Everything in a box.

So, like what I've said they cater different brands like Guess, Hollister, Aeropostale, A&F and a lot more. Nikki and I were so lucky to be the chosen models for the Abercrombie and Fitch Collection. We were beyond excited when we heard that terrific news.

For you guys to have a sneak peek of what happened during our shoot, I am going to share some of the pictures taken by no other than the owner and photographer himself, Mr. Midler Roxas.

And that's what I'm talking about. You'll definitely love their items! So what are you waiting for? Hit like on their page!


All photos are from Midler Roxas unless otherwise stated. Thank you! :)

Joey Arevalo