Linggo, Marso 31, 2013


Holla everyone! I bet all of you are enjoying the summer heat! Make sure you are oh-so ready & armed with the most fashionable summer pieces before heading up to your summer destinations! With that, I'll be having a big summer sale on my online shop, J Trend. Summer apparels will be in a 50% SALE! 

Save the date! April 3, 2013 around 8PM! I'll see you ladies? Yes? :)

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Sabado, Marso 30, 2013

Ramones Girl

Just want to greet everyone a HAPPY HAPPY EASTER! Christ has risen. Let us all celebrate and be thankful to Him, our Savior :)

Me sporting my bunny look! I can't wait to go Easter Egg Hunting! Imma catch them all! 

 Finally, a Ramones shirt!! Can you see my name on it? Haha! 

I've always wanted to have a Ramones shirt ever since highschool. I would search for it at TOP40 (the store which sells awesome band shirts) but unfortunately they have big sizes and it won't fit me at all (I tell you, I was super thin back then!). I was too delighted when I first saw this! Finally, a tee that would fit perfectly for me and it's extra fashionable too (ya know muscle tees).

Ramones Tee: Urban Outfit MNL | Oxblood Pants: Landmark | Bag: SM Parisian | Spikeys: Young Wild Free | Watch: Tomato | Mustache Shoes: Solemate

I hope everyone's enjoying the Easter Sunday! 


Biyernes, Marso 29, 2013

Wrong Move

Hello everyone! How's your holy week so far? Holy week will always be a perfect time for reflection and contemplation. For our family, we always make time to do our annual Visita Iglesia every Maundy Thursday.    I make sure I find time to thank Jesus for the big sacrifice He made for all of us. Thank you, Jesus. :)

So here's a quick outfit post for tonight since we're not allowed to do something fun until Easter Sunday - that means no internet and loud music and stuff. Here's what I wore yesterday for our Visita Iglesia. I really thought that we were going to BGC (The Fort) that's why I opted to wear shorts (since it's just an open ground and there are no dress code or any restrictions) but our plans were ruined and we just headed to Christ the King Parish (Green Meadows) and have a mass there. Dang! I know this is an inappropriate attire inside the church (but what can I do), hence the title of this blog post. Oh well, at least I've learned my lesson - never ever wear shorts or anything too revealing during the holy week (it's a must!). 

Top: H&M | Sneakers: Solemate | Necklace: Young Wild Free

Have a blessed Holy Week guys! :)


Lunes, Marso 25, 2013

Royal Houndstooth

I've been very eager to try out this huge trend paving in this season, the hounds tooth print. I luckily found this piece while strolling around the mall, I tell you this one's such a steal! It goes well with everything - any color, any type of bottoms and what not. 

I've intended to pair this up with a black bandage skirt to create that sleek classy look but since I haven't worn this Royal Blue skirt for the longest time ever, why not try this out.

We attended a kiddie party at Max's Restaurant - the biggest here in the country (located at Scout Tuazon). It was sure a fun fun and angst free day for my family! Everyone felt like we're kiddos again, including my dad. Haha!

That's my family looking swagg-y with our photobooth props.

 And... that's me sporting my trademark poses! I am sorry guys for bombarding you with my solo shots in his blog posts. Sometimes, it feels good to be narcissistic (from time to time). :)

Gonna blog as often as I can. Good night everyone and I'll be posting anew give away this week (floral crowns)!!!

P.S. Photo booth shots were taken by Clickers PH - please drop by their page and I assure you they got the best photo booth service ever!


Sabado, Marso 16, 2013

SUMMER FLING ( + Giveaway Winner)

Hooray for a new collection tomorrow night (March 17). This will be a big summer collection because I will be collaborating with my best friend's online shop, Lorelie Moda Armario! You don't have to go far to hoard your summer must-haves! <3

Here are some of our teaser photos for tomorrow's Collection - Summer Fling.

Very dainty and summer-y! Who's excited! Don't miss this one big summer collection by J Trend and Lorelie Moda Armario. Collection will be uploaded tomorrow, March 17, 2013 - 8PM! See you there everyone! <3

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Thank you so much to everyone who joined! Don't you worry guys, there will be another giveaway this week. So, stay tuned and updated! :)


Lunes, Marso 11, 2013

Oh toodles!

Put on your ears
It's time for cheers
Oh toodles!

Holla! I've been hella busy these past few days because of my training slash workshop for my new business venture. I can't wait to launch it here in my blog (soonest!). 

Here's an outfit post (late as usual) taken last week at my nephew's 4th Mickey Birthday. Oh toodles! How time flies by so fast. Since the theme of the party is Mickey mouse, I opted to wear my Minnie Sweater (couple sweater) and a leggings just to veer out of my usual top/shorts outfit. Plus the main face of the whole outfit - my minnie mouse headband! Wouldn't miss having that on this special day!

Minnie Sweater: Boyf's gift | Knitted Leggings: Forever 21 | Kicks: SM Shoes | Bag: Parisian | Headband: Landmark

P.S. Join my giveaway if you haven't yet! It's until the 16th of this month! Goodluck!

J <3

Linggo, Marso 3, 2013

My Kind of Thursday

My favorite outfit
Pretty Background
A camera
Care free roadtrip
Angst free day
Favorite person in this world ♥