Sabado, Marso 17, 2012

Happy Sunday

A Sunday well spent with God :) 2 weeks of hiatus from going to Church because of our review for the board exam :| Sounds crappy? Yeah. You read it right! We are struggling everyday for our board exam. and guess what? Our 2nd Comprehension exam made all my neurons twirl. I'm still hoping for the best. Kudos to all my batchmates. I think Tuesday will be our Judgement Day. I want to graduate. Please, Papa God :) I want all of us to graduate and strut all the way to the stage while holding our diplomas :) :"> Sounds fuzzy! :>

So here's my outfit today! :)

Top: Landmark, Trinoma || Skirt: The Ramp || Purse: MNG || Sandals: CMG

I knooooow. Background's kinda epic fail. Haha. Forgive me :>

Hihi. Sorry for thy pose. Trying to look serious. I just can't pull off a serious face. :| Oh well, maybe that's just not my personality =)) 

Happy Sunday again everyone! Namaste! <3

Biyernes, Marso 16, 2012

Wild Thing

Oh hello to my most stressful day EVER. Hence, I wanna end this day with a simple blogpost. Blogging has been one of stress relievers. But shopping will forever be my best buddy when I'm in this state of depression. After 2 weeks of Hiatus from Blogging, here I go again. I have so many blog post piled up in my mind but sadly I have no time to vent it all out.

So here's one of my outfit posts I failed to post last month. Hihi. Forgive my awkward pose down there.

Collar: Punk X Pretty | Corset Top: Mon Petit Boudoir
It's my first time to try my new collar necklace I got from ze very creative, Valerie of Punk X Pretty! :) The Zebra color made my outfit look exotic. :> 

The corset top goes well with everything! :) It's a must have for all girls out there. Corset tops never failed to give my look an extra oooomph with a sexy twist.

That's all for tonight. I promise to keep you posted ;)

Namaste everyone! :)