Sabado, Marso 17, 2012

Happy Sunday

A Sunday well spent with God :) 2 weeks of hiatus from going to Church because of our review for the board exam :| Sounds crappy? Yeah. You read it right! We are struggling everyday for our board exam. and guess what? Our 2nd Comprehension exam made all my neurons twirl. I'm still hoping for the best. Kudos to all my batchmates. I think Tuesday will be our Judgement Day. I want to graduate. Please, Papa God :) I want all of us to graduate and strut all the way to the stage while holding our diplomas :) :"> Sounds fuzzy! :>

So here's my outfit today! :)

Top: Landmark, Trinoma || Skirt: The Ramp || Purse: MNG || Sandals: CMG

I knooooow. Background's kinda epic fail. Haha. Forgive me :>

Hihi. Sorry for thy pose. Trying to look serious. I just can't pull off a serious face. :| Oh well, maybe that's just not my personality =)) 

Happy Sunday again everyone! Namaste! <3

7 komento:

  1. I love how you combined the florals and gold. :)

  2. Very pretty! love your shoes :)

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  3. Very nice outfit! You look great...
    Love the color effect of your photos...

  4. Aaaawwe you look very cute in your outfit :) Good luck with the exams!!!!

    Kisses! xxx

  5. pretty outfit! i like the skirt!:)

  6. love your getup! super!

  7. Thanks everyone! I will visit your blog guys! :)

    I'm so touched with the wonderful comments! Please don't forget to follow me here :)