Martes, Enero 29, 2013

Something Spikey

This is what I wore during my cousin's wedding (see post here: Z | A Wedding ) last Saturday at Rosemont Gardens, Tagaytay. I opted to wear something simple but interesting. What made this dress a little different and what I really liked about this dress is the back part and the spikes on the shoulders. The back part gave this dress a sexy touch and without the spikes, this dress would really look dull and boring. Agree?

Since it's a garden wedding, I made sure I'll be comfortable with what I'm wearing the whole day so stilettos are definitely a no-no! My leopard wedge would always save my outfit; it just goes well with everything. 

Finally, I was able to use the bag dad gave me during Christmas. I've been waiting for a special event for me to able to use this bloody red bag. Good thing, I found the dress that would match it.

The spikes I was telling you about! Boyf leaned on my shoulder and literally hit his face with this. Ouch! But still, I'm head over heels with these spike details. 

Dress: The Ramp | Wedge: So! Fab | Bag: MK

XX, Joey

Lunes, Enero 28, 2013

Z | A Wedding

Two hearts; One Soul
A couple bound to share their love together.. Forever.

An extraordinary couple bound to share their forever through their garden wedding at Rosemont Garden, Tagaytay. I was so lucky to be part of this wedding and be able to witness the start of their so-called Forever. The event was very spontaneous and solemn, the weather was never a hindrance, and everything went well as planned. Thus, an unforgettable moment. 

The bride looking quite nervous but still managing a sweet smile while walking down the aisle.

And of course, my very beautiful sister - the Bridesmaid.

Look who's having fun! 

Great to see you, fave cousin ever :*

De- Olazo Clan 

A very meaningful event, indeed. 

XX, Joey

Miyerkules, Enero 23, 2013

Wild Thing

I have this top I used once and when I tried it again the other day, I looked up myself in the mirror and found myself looking dull and just so lifeless - hopeless. I watched some YouTube vids about cutting lifeless shirts and turning them into some kind of a hippie muscle tees, which I'm currently obsessed with. I found myself cutting almost all of my shirts and turning them into muscles tees, cropped tops and what not.  

Which looks better? I go for the one on the right!! <3

Here's a quick outfit post for tonight! I wore this for a shopping date and roadtrip day with mum and the boyfriend, Michael. I love them both to bits and I find it cute that they had grocery together <3 How lovely! My family loves him as much as I love him so much. Cheese! 

Ze watch boyf gave me that comes with these beautiful arm candies. :) It's a must to wear this every time I am with him :)

I am currently obsessed with DIY stuffs and watching videos. So, any tips or suggestions for my next project? Hihi. Little creature here trying to be creative. I think I need to sleep this off.

Goodnight, kiddos <3

Martes, Enero 15, 2013

Something Edgy

This is what I wore yesterday for a business meeting with mum's client, who happens to be Jason Abalos (posted our picture together on my Instagram Account). 

I consider my personal style more like dainty, chic and sometimes boho. I have never imagined myself to cross along the line and wear something like this - something edgy. But as promised, I would start 2013 with different perspectives, building bridges and trying out something new. I guess this would be a perfect start for me in finding my self and my personal style. I am slowly learning that we should not stick with what we're used to already, it is really worth trying out something new for yourself. 

Change is the only constant thing in this world.


Top: Forever21 | Lace Skirt: Landmark | Bag: Parisian | Boots: Landmark | Watch: Kenneth Cole

Try to make a change. Create New Perspectives, Build Bridges and Try out something new ;)

XX, Joey

Lunes, Enero 14, 2013


Another typical errand day for me as mum's driver. I opted to wear something cushy because I know I'll just stay inside the car and wait for mum to finish all her meetings. 

I've always loved and fancied stuffs from Tomato; may it be clothes, shoes, bags or accessories - they never fail to catch my attention every time I pass by their store. And when they talk about SALE - believe me it's big time sale! I hoard lots of stuffs from Tomato, hence the blog title.

Top: Tomato | Sunnies: Forever 21 | Arm Candies: Tomato Time | Hair Color: Etude House

Many are curious of what my hair color is. I find it funny because I always answer them that's it a mixed color from different brands. But what made my hair look vibrant is the Etude House bubble Hair Coloring. What I love most about this product is that it is very easy to apply - easy like you just have to use it like a normal shampoo and voila! You'll instantly have a vibrant colored hair. What more can you ask for?

Shorts: Landmark | Clutch: Sister's gift | Belt: Genevieve Gozum

Pink Flats: Landmark

Linggo, Enero 13, 2013

This is too cliche

The only decent outfit shot for this week since I let my sister borrow my SLR for her HK trip (I'm sweet like that). I was too lazy to take my outfit shots for the past week mainly because of the drastic changes I encountered. My boyfriend and I were booked for a flight in General Santos for a somewhat career growth there as a nurse. We were about to leave this January 20 but unfortunately, a sudden news came and yeah we're definitely stuck here in Metro Manila. 

I don't know if I'll take it as a good or bad omen or if I'll be sad or happy about it. I don't know. But one thing's for sure, I won't survive Nursing. I'm not yet ready for it and I don't know when I'll be. 

But still, I thank God for all the blessings (overflowing blessings) I keep on receiving. Thank you, Lord. So, here's what I wore today - something plain and cliche (aztec and peplums?). Err don't know but I've got this something for aztecs and THIS NUDE HEELS. The last time I wore this peplum top, I really looked like a macho girl with those flabby fats but this time I guess I lose weight? Or is it just the angle? What do you think?

Top: J Trend | Heels: Via Venetto 


Linggo, Enero 6, 2013


I'm bulletproof, nothing to losefire away, fire awayricochet, you take your aimfire away, fire awayyou shoot me down, but I won't fallI am Titanium

Hello, Sunday! I spent my sunny afternoon with one of my closest relatives who I haven't seen for quite a long time. I've missed her so much that I didn't want to let her leave, but she has to, unfortunately. So moving on..What could be the best way to spent an afternoon, with no moneys in our pocket, plus a good streak of sunlight? Photo shoot! Not a single woman can leave my house without a decent picture in my camera, seriously! That could be my sweetest vice, bit deadly. 

Meet my gorg niece that I consider my sister from another motha, Geyzell

Too bad this was our only decent photo together among the set because we're just using my Tripod. Crap. But still, this would pass as my favorite among the set also just because we're together! As you can see, I forgot to set aside my cardigan and just remembered it when the timer hits 10. 

 I do not really intend to take some outfit shots today because I was not in the mood to fix my face and my hair, hence my look in the pictures. But since my niece was obliging me to do so, I had no choice. I just put a little amount of foundation plus my ever so trusting red lipstick and I'm good to go for a shot (I forgot to brush my hair)! 

I've been craving for dark colored high waist-ed denim shorts for the longest time as I can remember. And luckily I found one tho it's a little bit pricey. But I badly need and want it for thy sake. That's all.

Corset: Mon Petit Boudoir | Shorts: Levi's | Clogs: Figlia

I'm getting fattier than ever. 


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Biyernes, Enero 4, 2013

FridaysWithABlogger: Lissa Kahayon

Look who we have for our first edition of my newest segment here in my blog (FridaysWithABlogger), none other than one of the sexiest bloggers in town: Ms. Lissa Kahayon. I just can't believe she agreed to have this cyber interview with me, she's awesome. So without further ado, let me share with you guys all the things I've learned from the Goddess of Fitness & Fashion.

Lissa Kahayon, a 23-year-old freelance stylist and entrepreneur who deems herself weird, moody and shy has a lot to offer about Fashion, Fitness, Health and Beauty.  

When did you start blogging and how?
- I started blogging 3 and a half years ago when I was in second year College. I joined online fashion community, Chictopia because I wanted to keep track of what I wear on a daily basis so it served as an online photo journal of myself. 

How did you learn about blogging?
- Thru Chictopia. I used it as my main source of inspiration for my choice of outfits for school and my friends encouraged me to join.

How did fashion blogging change you?
- I learned how to think out of the box, be creative, resourceful and I've also learned how to handle criticisms with ease & grace. 
What's your fashion style? 
- Versatile & unpredictable.

 OUTFIT GUIDE: (The Lissa Kahayon Style)

1. An outfit for day out with friends: 
 - polo top, shorts, flats or sundress paired with flats

2. An outfit for night out with friends: 
 - short dress & high heels

3. An outfit for a summer vacay: 
 - sundresses, tanktop/shorts,skirts

4. An outfit for an intimate dinner with your special someone: 
 - fitted blouse, skirt and heels

5. An outfit for a job interview: 
 - long sleeves tucked in a pencil skirt and black/nude pumps

Any tips for all the aspiring fashion bloggers and stylists who look up to you? 
- Be patient, be creative, invest in a good camera & lens. Don't aspire to be a blogger for the wrong reasons- it's not always about the events, freebies and collaborations. You have to prove yourself and you have to earn it.

(c) All photos are taken from Lissa Kahayon's blog page.