Miyerkules, Enero 2, 2013

Empty Jar

 Something to watch out for at J TREND

 I read somewhere that first thing we should have on hand this year is an empty jar or any empty container. Maybe you're all being clueless now of what's the purpose of that empty jar. Starting today (actually yesterday), jot down on a 1/8 sized paper (any will do!) all the good things that will happen in Year 2013, fill the jar with notes of all the good/best memories you will have throughout the year. Open and read all of them on New Year's eve. Cool huh?

I have that very first note on my container. And that is today! I spent it with two persons closest to my heart - my best-est friend and my boyfriend. I can't thank God enough for giving me these two lovely creatures who never failed to make me the most wonderful person ever. I love you both. 


2 komento:

  1. You make the Philippines more hotter wheww. haha!

    NEW POST UP: Blog Updates, Life Updates and New year's resolutions/goals http://ara-oundtheworld.blogspot.com/2013/01/first-chapter-of-365-opportunity.html


  2. Hi Joey! thanks for dropping by my blog! Really love your sweet comment!
    I love your look here it's laid back but definitely eye catching! ;) Hope to meet you too! Maybe we can go to an event together this year? :)

    followed u btw :)