Miyerkules, Enero 23, 2013

Wild Thing

I have this top I used once and when I tried it again the other day, I looked up myself in the mirror and found myself looking dull and just so lifeless - hopeless. I watched some YouTube vids about cutting lifeless shirts and turning them into some kind of a hippie muscle tees, which I'm currently obsessed with. I found myself cutting almost all of my shirts and turning them into muscles tees, cropped tops and what not.  

Which looks better? I go for the one on the right!! <3

Here's a quick outfit post for tonight! I wore this for a shopping date and roadtrip day with mum and the boyfriend, Michael. I love them both to bits and I find it cute that they had grocery together <3 How lovely! My family loves him as much as I love him so much. Cheese! 

Ze watch boyf gave me that comes with these beautiful arm candies. :) It's a must to wear this every time I am with him :)

I am currently obsessed with DIY stuffs and watching videos. So, any tips or suggestions for my next project? Hihi. Little creature here trying to be creative. I think I need to sleep this off.

Goodnight, kiddos <3

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