Huwebes, Pebrero 23, 2012

Defy Gravity

One Sunday Morning! :) Got my new top from an online shop. I decided to pair my yellow cross tank top with something electric! Haha. So, I did some color blocking AGAIN! Haha. Hope it worked. What do you think? :D

Top: Trendy Thrifts | Red Pants: Mom's | Wedge: So! Fab

Red pants is my mom's! Can you believe!!!! We almost have the same waistline. Am I that fat? Or mom's just so sexy? Haha! :>

What a weird pose! :)) Fail attempt!

My favorite ring yet again! :)

Say HI to my very cute pamangkin! <3 

Haha! Alex is imitating me. And yes, he loves photoshoots! :> I look so haggard here. Sleepless nights. :( Anyway, all shots taken by my sister! Thanks to her! <3 Oooohh, I still have classes tomorrow. Goodnight everyone. Oh, and one more thing! Please pray for us (4th year students of FEU-NRMF), we will be taking our Nursing Board Exam this July. Please please include us in your prayers guys! It would be a great help, promise. :) 

Joey Arevalo

Martes, Pebrero 21, 2012

Hopeless Place

Tried out something new: Brush up! :) Haha! 

Skirt: J Trend 

Sorry for my weird pose and face! :))

Bought my new hair accessory at SM Department Store. Im so inlove with it. It comes with different colors like Blue, Green and Mustard Yellow! :) Since I'm a pink lover, I obviously chose this one. Cute right? :) Been using this at school also :> I'm thinking of buying the Mustard Yellow too! :)

Ring: Ai Fash

All shots taken by my personal Photographer! Hahaha! I love ze boyfriend for being patient <3

A month of Hiatus from Blogging

Hey everyone! It's been a while since I last updated my blog. And, I missed it. Been tad busy lately (Senior Blues). My brain's drained because of our First Comprehension Exam and thank God it's done! :) Gonna prep for our 2nd and Major Compre Exam (I promise I will not cram anymore). I hope that everything will turn out good *wish-me-luck*. So, without further ado I'm gonna share my little adventures these past few days or rather month. Haha!

- Spent my New YEar with Ze Boyf and his Family. Pretty Awesome! :)

@ Tagaytay Summit Ridge

Soon to be cousins? Hihi! <3

Ze Boyf <3 Ate in an eat-all-you-can Cake and Coffee Place

Spending the first day of the year with my special someone = BLISS.
Shorts: Wicked Ying's | Oxfords: Tomato| Cardigan: Fab Styles Co
So, this is what I wore that day! :) I bout the shorts from Wicked Ying! I'm inlove with its color! :) I decided to do some color blocking that day and added some vintage twist. Haha.

- No pictures, too bad :| I'm proud to say that I CAN DRIVE NOW! <3 Hahahaha! :) 5 days of roadtrippin' with my cool instructors. J DAY <3 Hihi.

- Finally! A date with my loves! We've been planning to have a mini get together since last year. But with our busy schedules, we only had a chance to push through with it during our Christmas Break. A last minute plan ended up pretty good! Epic swimming day for us! :) And oh, it's our welcome party for our newest member. Haha :) You know who you are! :)

Bit cheesy here. <3

4. APRIL'S 21st BIRTHDAY! :)
- Just one realization: WE'RE ALL GETTING OLD. Ooooh how time flies so fast. :| Oh well, had fun with my girls plus ze Brotherhood! :)

That's it for today! Will post the remaining events tomorrow. Goodnight!

Joey Arevalo