Biyernes, Oktubre 28, 2011


Finally! The long wait is over! Today is the last day of my Blog Giveaway! I am so excited to announce the 3 winners :)




Please confirm here and send me your address here: Confirmation will be within 24 hours only! :) THANK YOU! :)

*All winners were chosen via

Thank you so much for supporting my first blog giveaway! And congratulations to all the winners! :) Will be having another blog giveaaway before Christmas! Lots of prizes and sponsors! Stay tuned! ;)

Linggo, Oktubre 23, 2011


Cheers to the new face of J Trend! <3 Haha! I accidentally made a nice logo today for my beloved shop. The other night, I thought of changing my shop's name cos I find it dull and unappealing. So I asked suggestions from my mom, my boyfriend and my friends of what name will best suit my shop. The result? Stuck with ze old name. Haha! My friends told me that J trend's fine and I already established a name people knows already. Well, true enough. My sister usually calls me J Trend instead of my name. How foolish! Haha. Even my friends call me J Trend. Yeah, they're right. I've already established a name for myself. And maybe I should be thankful to my boyf for coming out with that name! :)

Enough of my online shop's name. Haha. A big deal for me, I guess! Haha. I was just so bored that I don't have anything to do but to rant about my shop's name. A 1 day break for us senior students. 1 day break from our Nursing Audit. And I didn't do any productive thing the whole day. I woke up at around 11am. Checked my phone but got no message so I went back to sleep again. Got out of bed at around 11:30 to have breakfast but didn't find any. My parents went somewhere so I had nothing to do. I decided to play Tetris on my iTouch and finally they are home already! Mom was too lazy to cook food so we decided to order at KFC. Finally, my stomach was satisfied. Pigged out the whole day plus wasted my time in front of my computer literally the whole day!

Very productive right? Ugh. One thing that made me happy today was Angel Castillo's Blog Giveaway! Haha. Because.... I won one Digipurse from Izzoshop! Amazing, right? :D If you read my post last night, I was complaining of not winning from blog giveaways that I join to! Haha. Lucky me! :D Thank you, Ms. Angel. I can't wait for the package to arrive! :)

(c) Angel Castillo

Sabado, Oktubre 22, 2011

Wonder Woman Rises Blog Giveaway! :)

Goodevening! :) I survived 3 days of our Nursing Audit. 3 days of pure hardships. And examinations. Can I thank my stock knowledge? Naaah. Guess I need to eat my books starting tomorrow. Can you imagine I got 100/300 from our Diagnostic exam! Clever right? HAHAHA! Didn't even reach half. Haha! That's what you get when you don't read books nor listen to class.

Anyway, I am so excited about this new blog giveaway contest that I joined minutes ago! :) Cute items will be given away including an envelope bag, a ring and a very pretty girly shades! Hihi! I'm so excited for that one!!! :) Well, I hope this time I'll win :( I've been joining lots of giveaways but still didn't get my luck! *Fingers-crossed*

WANNA JOIN TOO? Click this: Wander Woman Rises Blog Giveaway

A new blog that I'm currently following and I can say that I'm enjoying her posts. Lots of interesting stuffs there! :)

Speaking of Giveaways, my very own blog giveaway is still ongoing! And there are only 6 days left so what are you guys waiting for? JOIN NOW & WIN SOME FREEBIES! <3


Martes, Oktubre 18, 2011


Welcome to the Christian World, Baby Ruchi :) My new inaanak! Oh, he is so adoraaaable! Cutie patootie! Oh no, here we go again. Another Godchildren, am I gonna hide this Christmas? Haha! No worries, my mom's there to give them presents on Christmas. Haha! Here are some sneak peeks of his baptism!

Top - J Trend || Bandage Skirt -Baro Co. || Flats - CMG || Shades - Forever21
 Haha! I'm so inlove right now with sheeeers! Sheer Tops, Sheer Polo, Sheer Shorts. Everything Sheer! Name it, and I love it! Haha. A lazy day today, I don't know what to wear during that day so I ended up wearing those. :\

Had a bonding time with my favorite niece! Haha! Favoritism, I know right? Haha. I missed having talk time with her. I remember she was the one I always turn to when I have problems before. And also, she's my secret keeper. Haha! She's been there through my good and bad times. Awww, I miss you! Let's see each other often. Yes? Haha! :)

Cheers to my new godchildren! :) I love you! And stay handsome! :> :* 

Joey <3

P.S. Don't forget to join my ONGOING BLOG GIVE-AWAY! :) -- CLICK :)

Huwebes, Oktubre 13, 2011

First Blog Giveaway!

Hello ladies! Welcome to my first blog giveaway! <3 I'm so excited for this! A good way to end my one week break. :) And of course, this blog giveaway would not be possible without my sponsors: Beatnik, Baro Co & J Trend (my online shop).


PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO DO STEP6!!! Leave a comment :)

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This giveaway will end on October 30, 2011 (last day to submit your entries!)
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* This contest is open for residents of the Philippines only! :)


FIRST PRIZE : (1 top and 1 belt from J trend, 1 hippie band from Beatnik, 1 dress from Baro Co.)

1 Hippie Band from Beatnik

1 dress from Baro Co

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Leopard Top from J trend

SECOND PRIZE : ( 1 top from J trend, 1 dress from Baro Co. 1 top from Beatnik)

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Dress from Baro Co
THIRD PRIZE : (1 top from Beatnik, 1 top from J trend)

1 top from Beatnik

Top from J trend

Linggo, Oktubre 9, 2011

Join Angel's Blog Giveaway


I am actually an avid fan of Angel Castillo's blog! I can't help myself from reading her blog! <3

Anyway, I really want to win this give away thing! Prize is a camera bag from Izzo Shop!<3 I caaaan't wait!!!


BLOG LOVIN! <3 Follow me!

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Sabado, Oktubre 8, 2011

Useless Bitch

I'm such a disappointment shit. A Failure. And a useless bitch :|

S E M B R E A K.

Start of our Sembreak, yahooo! And guess what? A 1 week break for us, senior students. Not bad, at least we have one week of fun and ! <3

The happiest news I had yesterday: we got an A for our thesis! <3 A3 loves got an A! <3 Isn't that amazing? :> After all our hardwork, finally we made it! <3

But still at the end of the day, all I could ever think about is my failure and my stupidness. Oh well. :(

Had a fun mini shoot with my sister again today:

I look so thin here :|

What happened to my lips?! :( Scary lips I got there :|

Lookbook time again! <3 And i'm lovin' it! <3

Miyerkules, Oktubre 5, 2011


3 subjects down! Where the hell did they get those questions? :|
Day 1: MS Exam - Hardest so far. No sure answer, seriously! :)) :|
Day 2: RLE Exam - It's all about chemotherapy and shiiiit. :| Kthanksdie. Headache :| I wasn't able to concentrate on my exam because it was so cold in our classroom :|
Day 3 (Today): Leadership Exam - Epic names once again! :)) Hello to Malou Wang, Petra, Dr. King, Lily and the most epic of all - Poor View Medical Foundation! :)) TRICKY QUESTIONS! Huhu. Lord, help me please to pass my Leadership subject :(

Once again, I'm stressed because of my school shiiiz.I need a stress reliever! Guess what I did! :)) Haha! I took a picture for my Lookbook. Hehe. I cut one of my tshirts and tried to make it look like a tank cropped top. Hehehe. The outcome was pretty awesome for me <3 Oh btw, the shirt was given by my good friend, Lexie Arambulo. Hehe. Sorry Lexie for cutting it :( Looove you!

Anyway, I need to study for my exam tomorrow! (Hehe. Asa!)

Ciao! XOXO