Martes, Oktubre 18, 2011


Welcome to the Christian World, Baby Ruchi :) My new inaanak! Oh, he is so adoraaaable! Cutie patootie! Oh no, here we go again. Another Godchildren, am I gonna hide this Christmas? Haha! No worries, my mom's there to give them presents on Christmas. Haha! Here are some sneak peeks of his baptism!

Top - J Trend || Bandage Skirt -Baro Co. || Flats - CMG || Shades - Forever21
 Haha! I'm so inlove right now with sheeeers! Sheer Tops, Sheer Polo, Sheer Shorts. Everything Sheer! Name it, and I love it! Haha. A lazy day today, I don't know what to wear during that day so I ended up wearing those. :\

Had a bonding time with my favorite niece! Haha! Favoritism, I know right? Haha. I missed having talk time with her. I remember she was the one I always turn to when I have problems before. And also, she's my secret keeper. Haha! She's been there through my good and bad times. Awww, I miss you! Let's see each other often. Yes? Haha! :)

Cheers to my new godchildren! :) I love you! And stay handsome! :> :* 

Joey <3

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  1. Awww he's sooo cute! I wanna pinch his cheeks!!!

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  2. Joined your blog, Wonderwoman! :) Care to join mine too?