Sabado, Oktubre 8, 2011

Useless Bitch

I'm such a disappointment shit. A Failure. And a useless bitch :|

S E M B R E A K.

Start of our Sembreak, yahooo! And guess what? A 1 week break for us, senior students. Not bad, at least we have one week of fun and ! <3

The happiest news I had yesterday: we got an A for our thesis! <3 A3 loves got an A! <3 Isn't that amazing? :> After all our hardwork, finally we made it! <3

But still at the end of the day, all I could ever think about is my failure and my stupidness. Oh well. :(

Had a fun mini shoot with my sister again today:

I look so thin here :|

What happened to my lips?! :( Scary lips I got there :|

Lookbook time again! <3 And i'm lovin' it! <3

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