Miyerkules, Oktubre 5, 2011


3 subjects down! Where the hell did they get those questions? :|
Day 1: MS Exam - Hardest so far. No sure answer, seriously! :)) :|
Day 2: RLE Exam - It's all about chemotherapy and shiiiit. :| Kthanksdie. Headache :| I wasn't able to concentrate on my exam because it was so cold in our classroom :|
Day 3 (Today): Leadership Exam - Epic names once again! :)) Hello to Malou Wang, Petra, Dr. King, Lily and the most epic of all - Poor View Medical Foundation! :)) TRICKY QUESTIONS! Huhu. Lord, help me please to pass my Leadership subject :(

Once again, I'm stressed because of my school shiiiz.I need a stress reliever! Guess what I did! :)) Haha! I took a picture for my Lookbook. Hehe. I cut one of my tshirts and tried to make it look like a tank cropped top. Hehehe. The outcome was pretty awesome for me <3 Oh btw, the shirt was given by my good friend, Lexie Arambulo. Hehe. Sorry Lexie for cutting it :( Looove you!

Anyway, I need to study for my exam tomorrow! (Hehe. Asa!)

Ciao! XOXO

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