Linggo, Setyembre 11, 2011

Shopping Day!

Hello! :) A very tiring day for me and my mom. Haha! We bought items again for my online shop :"> It was quite tiring but enjoyable too! We love shopping that's why never get tired of doing it! :) Almost every week, we're having our shopping sessions! :) Haha! We stopped by at Megamall, too! Of course, I would not miss to pass by Forever21. Tiheee. I didn't buy any clothes from there today (I need to save money). Hence, I bought a new Candy Bag and Oxford Shoes today :) (the bag and shoes I wanted for so looooong) I wanted to die when I saw them both. K. Anyway, here are my new babies! <3

Stripes & Floral

K. I'm so haaaapppy! :)

BTW, Watch out for my 19th Collection on Tuesday! <3 Hihi! We shoot for our teasers a while ago! I borrowed my sister! Hihi! Thank you for being my model for today! <3

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Thank youuuu and Goodnight! <3

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