Martes, Setyembre 6, 2011

Sister's Birthday 2011

Happy Birthday to my dearest ate! :) She just turned 28 today. Tiheee, so old but still a kid at heart. Ohhhh, thank me for that compliment! Haha. They all went at Trinoma after lunch so Tita Itang and I just followed them (coz I stil have class `til 3pm :|). Commute all the way to Trinoma :| I wish mom would give me a car on Christmas or on my Graduation! Hihi. Do I sound so demanding?

We ate dinner at aVeneto Pizzeria Ristorante. The food was, uh, blaaaaaand. Reaaally my two sisters and I kept on complaining about how bland the food was. The chef forgot to put salt, I guess :)) The ambiance was really not that appealing, food not that okay, waiters are unfriendly. How sad that place is. :( Anyway, let me share some of our pictures a while ago ;)

Though food was not great, we managed to finish them all! WHAT IS GUTOM? Haha! :))


HAPPY 28th BIRTHDAY TO MY SISTER! <3 I love you!

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