Sabado, Agosto 24, 2013

Sheinside: Shopping Wishlist

Holla guys! Have you guys heard about Sheinside? If not, well you are definitely missing out! Sheinside is one of the largest online shops known internationally.

Why choose Sheinside?
  • 1.A tremendous variety of styles--With over 2,200,000 items in stock,sheinside is currently being one of the world's largest online stores.You'll have more choices than what you can ever imagine.What's more, we're updating with over 500 new arrivals per day!
  • 2.Affordable prices--Sheinside has been offering the latest street fashion for almost five years, we're always keeping up with the newest fashion trends, while most importantly,making prices as low as we can.
  • 3.Free worldwide shipping--Yep,you won't believe that you'll enjoy free worldwide shipping at,it's not a joke,but an absolute truth.
  • 4.No-question refund and return--Anything wrong issuing quality and breakage can be returned or refundable.Get details.

There are hundreds of items to choose from in their website and it took me 2 days to complete my shopping wishlist (I am not kidding!). Two hours on my first day and then like an hour on my second day. I've decided to sort them out into their respective categories (dresses, pullovers, tops and shorts). They also have accessories and bags in store but I opted not to include them here anymore because it might take another day of browsing. The hardest part in doing this wishlist is picking out my top 4 favorites from each category. They cater almost everything under the world of fashion, if you know what I mean. So yeah, here are my top picks and you can check out the details by clicking on the item name.

Tiger Print Dress 
Ramones Dress (personal fave!)

Floral Pullover
Nude Pullover

Plaid Polo Top

Any thoughts? Ladies, feel free to share your own Sheinside Wishlist here. I would love to see your top picks and the reasons why you ought to choose Sheinside. 

So guys, what are you waiting for? Drop by and see for yourself what's in store for you there!


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  2. I love sheinside! Everything they have is so cute :) My favorites are their tops and dresses.


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