Sabado, Agosto 10, 2013

Midriffs x Maxis

 Sunday will always be my favorite day of the week (oh, next to Friday!). I get to spend the whole day with my family. My mom and I religiously go to mass together and after going to mass my mom always prepares a special meal for the family. Oh, how I love Sundays!

Here's what I'm wearing today! I paired my polka dots midriffs with my old maxi skirt just to look kinda decent during mass. I've been imagining this top to be paired with my black aztec leggings but I don't want to be kicked out of the church, ya know. Maybe next time. 

Royal Blue Maxi Skirt from Tomato

Polka dots Midriff Top and necklace both from Forever 21

Look who I have here! He said he's the director of this mini photo sesh. I don't know but he likes watching me during photo shoots, guess I have a little fan out here. Here's an "okay pose" to cap off this outfit post. Thanks for dropping by again! Any thoughts?


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  2. this look is suuuuper cute!

    i am now also following you!

    svetlana form Lavender Star