Lunes, Mayo 28, 2012

Where have you been?

A super late outfit post! I wore this 2 sundays ago at my mom's hometown for a fiesta. Malabon Fiesta! :)

Top: Landmark | Maxi Skirt: Tomato | Flats: CMG

How do I look like with a maxi skirt? :)

Joey Arevalo

Linggo, Mayo 27, 2012

Palawan Day 3

Last Day at Palawan! :> Sunkissed, finally! :> My favorite part of our trip! You know whyyyy :>

Island Hopping (Honda Bay experience)

Very cool shot of my beb! :>


Skinny Dipping! :>

"Girl time" with ze sister-in-law. WOW? Haha! :>

Beach Time with my beb! :> Favorite part :">

Had a mini shoot with beb! :> Pre-nuptial peg :> Haha!

Yellow Bikini 
That's it! Our Palawan Trip really made my Summer2012. And i really really miss it and the people I spent my vacay with! :> Next Stop: BORA! <3

Joey Arevalo

Palawan Day 2

The most exciting day! So lucky to experience one of the seven wonders of the World! :) The Underground River! :> Really had so much fun with my bof's family! :>

Boat Ride with my boyf :>

Lookie our top! :>

Getting ready to go inside the Underground River

Look who's happy as a kid! :D

There you go guys! :> Just some of our hundred pictures! :> Haha! :D

Joey Arevalo

Call me maybe?

LSS-ing for 2 days. Haha! :> I have to delay my post about our Palawan Trip (day 2 and 3) and blog about this instead. My look for the day! :> Luckily, my sister's gift for me (Grad Gift & Birthday gift) was a shopping spreeeee that's why I got lots of clothes and can't wait to wear them all! I love you so much, sister! :*

Sunday is a free day for me since today is a Home Study day for us! Errr, but of course won't let this day pass without having a shopping day with mom! :) Yes, she's a spoiler.

So, here's what I wore for today:

Top: Landmark | Shoes: Janilyn

Super comfy shoes from Janilyn

Necklace from Ai Fash 
Joey Arevalo

Tribute Giveaway! :)

Joined my friend's giveaway! :> Quite excited about this! I've been eye-ing some shoes from Tribute! Well, wish me luck! And oh, feel free to join ladies! :>

Tribute's Page:
Patty Lloren's Blog:

Joey Arevalo

Sabado, Mayo 26, 2012

Palawan Day 1

Yay! I finally got a chance to blog my Palawan Trip! Haha. It's been 2 months late but who cares? :>

It's my first time to ride an airplane! Hihi! I feel like a happy kid. I was quite nervous and at the same time excited! Well, who's not for a first timer? :)

A happy first-timer! Hihi!

My Palawan Trip would definitely be the highlight of my 2012. Well, so far. :) And of course this would not be possible without my beb and his enormous family! They were kind enough to include me in their trip. I really feel that I'm part of their family :') I'm blessed to have them, tho :D Wanna share with you our first day at one of the most incredible places here in the Philippines, Palawan! :)

Touchdown Puerto Princesa!

 Before heading in for our day tour, we took first our lunch at our hotel. And hello to our satisfied tummies! Now we are good to go! :)

FIRST STOP: Palawan Bay (idk the name I just named it for myself HAHA). It looks like our very own Manila bay, hence the background. Haha! Well. it's cleaner though :P

P.S. I changed my top for the purpose of wearing all my clothes I brought with me. Haha! And this one's much comfy :P

Cutest Couple ever!

Well, we only ranked second :P

SECOND STOP: Crocodile Farm

Top: Landmark | Shorts: Surplus Shop | Sunnies: Forever21 | Hair Accessories: J Trend

Who's afraid? :))

A swamp full of crocodiles. Gee.

And oh, speaking of crocodiles! I got to taste one of Palawan's pride, Ze Crocodile Sisig! :> Good enough, yeah. :D
LAST STOP: A beautiful overlooking place. Haha! :>

Too lazy to post the other pictures. Haha! 300 freakin pictures for our first day at Palawan. Anyway, I uploaded the pictures in my Facebook account. So there you go :>

An amazing experience with the awesome people on earth! <3 Gonna post my second and last day maybe tomorrow. Study time again for me! :>


Joey Arevalo
"Ze Crazy Kangaroo" (Hence, the name of my blog)

Busy Bee

I've been busy these past few days and I just needed some diversion. I ended up having a little catch up with my baby Amber (ze slr). I almost abandoned her for quite some time. So here's some of the photos I had tonight. Forgive my very fugly face.

Eyebags = a sign of hard work. Kdot. Haha. :)

Lovin' the twist-able headbands? I'll be selling some on my online shop next week! Don't miss it! Simply like this page: J Trend (my online shop) to get updates <3

Just had a quick post tonight. Will study again. Hihi! Wish me luck for my upcoming Nursing Board Exam. :>

Joey Arevalo