Linggo, Mayo 27, 2012

Palawan Day 3

Last Day at Palawan! :> Sunkissed, finally! :> My favorite part of our trip! You know whyyyy :>

Island Hopping (Honda Bay experience)

Very cool shot of my beb! :>


Skinny Dipping! :>

"Girl time" with ze sister-in-law. WOW? Haha! :>

Beach Time with my beb! :> Favorite part :">

Had a mini shoot with beb! :> Pre-nuptial peg :> Haha!

Yellow Bikini 
That's it! Our Palawan Trip really made my Summer2012. And i really really miss it and the people I spent my vacay with! :> Next Stop: BORA! <3

Joey Arevalo

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  1. Ang sweet niyo! :"> ♥

  2. so happy you found the one! :)

    Mga Tugon
    1. I hope he will be my one forever!:">

  3. sweeeeeeet <3
    very very fun photos. i enjoyed wathcing the photos :)