Lunes, Mayo 28, 2012

Where have you been?

A super late outfit post! I wore this 2 sundays ago at my mom's hometown for a fiesta. Malabon Fiesta! :)

Top: Landmark | Maxi Skirt: Tomato | Flats: CMG

How do I look like with a maxi skirt? :)

Joey Arevalo

4 (na) komento:

  1. looks lovely on you :)
    the color also fits you so well :)

    Mga Tugon
    1. Awwww thanks! I will surely visit yours :)

  2. I came across your blog and back read it. Love your posts! <3

    I am inviting you to check out mine too and follow if you could. I will be hosting a blog giveaway this June and I hope you could join!

    Mga Tugon
    1. Aww sure! I'll do visit yours, pretty girl :>