Lunes, Marso 11, 2013

Oh toodles!

Put on your ears
It's time for cheers
Oh toodles!

Holla! I've been hella busy these past few days because of my training slash workshop for my new business venture. I can't wait to launch it here in my blog (soonest!). 

Here's an outfit post (late as usual) taken last week at my nephew's 4th Mickey Birthday. Oh toodles! How time flies by so fast. Since the theme of the party is Mickey mouse, I opted to wear my Minnie Sweater (couple sweater) and a leggings just to veer out of my usual top/shorts outfit. Plus the main face of the whole outfit - my minnie mouse headband! Wouldn't miss having that on this special day!

Minnie Sweater: Boyf's gift | Knitted Leggings: Forever 21 | Kicks: SM Shoes | Bag: Parisian | Headband: Landmark

P.S. Join my giveaway if you haven't yet! It's until the 16th of this month! Goodluck!

J <3

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