Linggo, Agosto 12, 2012

Luxe Mode

When I hear the word Luxurious, a certain online shop pops up in my mind: LUXE MODE! Luxe Mode started last June 2008 (Yes, they are one of the pioneer online shops in Multiply) and owned by the ever-friendly and gorgeous, Vanya Peralta. Through the years, Luxe Mode never fails to satisfy the fashion needs and cravings of every Filipinas without even spending to much. 

Luxe Mode caters different items - from clothes (unique pieces), accessories, planners and lately their hit Luxe Mode Shoes! Stylish, chic, unique and affordable - it's definitely LUXE MODE.

Luxe Mode really paved their way in the fashion industry. They now have their very own Luxe Mode Shoes. They have Rainbow Flats, Dainty Floral Flats and now the Neon Flats! Who's not excited for this? :> 

For more information (prices and stuffs) don't ever hesitate to visit their Facebook Page: LUXE MODE PAGE

Going gaga over the shoes? Hurry and click this link: Luxe Mode Shoes

P.S. Luxe Mode will give discounts! Hihi. Just wait for our little surprise :"

J <3

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