Martes, Hulyo 31, 2012


I was browsing through my files here in my computer and I was happy to see some of my old photos hidden deep down. I was happy and at the same time nostalgic while editing ze pictures, they remind me of how determined I was back then to pursue my dreams in lined with Fashion and the Arts.

While I was editing the pictures, I noticed that I gained lots of fats (obviously seen in my arms and thighs), my hair is now long and frizzy, plus I got the chubbiest cheeks ever!

September 2011

October 2011

I noticed one more thing: I have the same smile and pose through the years! Haha :D Will dig in for more pictures! Ciao!

Joey Arevalo

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  1. you are one gorgeous nilalang. i envy you! great styling every now and then..