Biyernes, Nobyembre 2, 2012


A start of something new and fresh! J Trend will be having a new collection tomorrow, November 3, 2012. Who's excited? <3

What to expect? (Here are some snapshots of ze new collection tomorrow) 

* Floral Corset - a must have for every stylistas out there. You can use this for casual day out, night out party and even corporate wear. It goes well with skirts, jeans, maxis and even denim shorts! You can never go wrong with a corset. NEVER! 

* Longsleeves - Cold, cozy days are fast approaching and every girl needs warm clothes but still can look very fashionable. Who would not want to look chic on a holiday?

* Lace Bandage Skirt - This would be my personal favorite in the collection. Whatever top I wear with this, it matches so well. This skirt can give every top an "oooomph" and a classic twist.

* Polkadot Skirts - It can give a vintage-y look into your outfit. Wearing this could also make you feel lucky. Why not try one? :)

Oooops, that's all for tonight but don't you worry because you would not any longer! FAUX COLLECTION will be released tomorrow, November 3, 2012. It's a Saturday! Please, please don't dare miss this. And spread the love <3

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