Linggo, Nobyembre 25, 2012

I'm suddenly..

...Falling in love with Black and White. Just a little touch of gold and you're good to go. Whenever I wear something black and white I feel a little matured - its beginning to sink in that I'm an adult! Finally. No one can ever go wrong with this combination. Just be diligent on what accessories you're gonna blend in. This combination, as I can see can be the easiest style a person can pull off. Anyone can look so classy and elegant with this combo, I swear! Anyhooo..

This is what I wore during the Crossroads Bazaar held at UP Diliman. And I'm proud to say that this is one of J trend's finest pieces. It comes with three colors: salmon pink, beige/brown and white. I opted to wear the white one because as I've said earlier, I'm just into ze black and white combination. And I'm glad with the compliments I received during the bazaar about my dress.

And oh, we're having test shots here with my new Prime (Macro) Lens! Yayyy! I got it for a very cheap cheap price! And it's really worth it. Boyf and I are currently into Photography right now. And he's claiming that he is better than me. Oh well. Let's just see :>

I was really too shy to pose during that time because many people are looking - especially the booth owners too. Haha! I was like "Beb, bilisan mo! Ayoko na!" but still managing to do some decent poses.

Top: J Trend || Necklace: Jtrend || Sandals: FitFlop

Want to have this dress? Just hit this up: J trend (Click!)


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  1. Love your outfit! I'm afraid of trying out long dresses, skirts etc because I'm small lol.