Lunes, Nobyembre 26, 2012

Good Vibes (Giveaway Winner)

Holla! Tonight, Imma announce the winner of my November Giveaway, finally! Hooray! This lucky person will have a polka skirt (as promised) and a surprise gift also :P I'm in the mood to give freebies, just so ya know. 

And oh, I wanna share my narcissism / craziness with you and my joy of having my new macro lens (prime lens). Hihi. I've been really down for the past two months because my SLR's lens gave up on me. Psssh. No need for extra filters and post-processing from now on! *deep sigh* Okay, enough of "me". I forgot that this blog post is intimately intended for my giveaway winner. 

And here you go. Congraaaaaaats, PATRICIA REYES! <3 Yes you! You'l gonna take home ze White Polka skirt and a surprise gift. To claim your freebies, kindly email me ( your Name, Contact Number, Shipping Address within 24 hours! Thank you so much, lucky girl. <3

Watch out for my next giveaway this week. (Peplum Skirts, Accessories and more <3) I'm excited!! How about you? 

Big thanks to everyone who joined! <3


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