Sabado, Nobyembre 24, 2012

Crossroads Bazaar: UP Diliman

I was so lucky to be invited by an organization at UPD to be one of their sponsors in their event: Crossroads (Where All Styles Meet) last November 23, 2012. It was a fun-filled experience and at the same time I was able to meet several online shop owners and fashion bloggers too! Talk about big time!

This is my second time to have a real bazaar and I'm still not used to it, I mean the whole set-up thing. Big big effort indeed! Good thing I have a very supportive slash strong slash creative boyfriend slash photographer. Haha. Who would have thought he can create a booth like this. How cool is that?

So without further ado, let me introduce my humble booth at the UP Diliman Bazaar... Tada!

Yes, that's him! Finishing touches of my Pink Booth! <3 My friends told me that when they saw the pink booth, they knew it was mine. So yeah, it really matches my whole personality. And I say thank you to ze boyf for this! <3

See right here - the fashion bloggers who made the event EXTRA exciting and fun fun fun! There's a question and answer portion in which each of the bloggers will elaborate their fashion style, icon and the likes. It was really a big help and a learning tool especially to those who are planning to start their own fashion blog. Want to get some tips and dots? Why not follow them and see for yourself what I;m talking about here :)

*Verniece Enciso:
*Aisa Ipac:
*Seph Cham of Love Chic:

Of course, I would not let this moment pass without me having a picture wth one of my favorite fashion bloggers, Verniece Enciso. I adore the Enciso sisters. I don't know, but I find them as  a living Barbie Doll. They have a pretty face, fair  fair complexion and almost perfect body. Who would not love them, right? Well, of course they are different and unique in their own way. For Verniece, what makes me love her even more is her motivation for fashion and styling. Plus, her style is very asian, in which Filipinas can greatly relate to it. 

Please excuse my face there - I am really in a fan girl mode that moment! Haha. I was really astonished with her very beautiful face. #GirlCrush See, it made me really look small and dark but who cares! After seeing her, I felt energized again. Seriously, Good vibes paved way down into my system during that moment. Even when they left, and shoppers bombarded my booth - I was still on a high! :> That's how inspiring Ms. Verniece is <3

See how happy I am selling and talking with my customer slash shoppers. One of the happiest moments in my life, indeed. 

My best buds ever during highschool made an effort to show up themselves and support me all the way. I love you guys to death :*

My 3-year-old nephew was very supportive, too. He was very quirky that moment and unknowingly he was able to attract customers because of his cuteness. Oh, how I love him <3

Happy shoppers and a happy seller too! <3

So, I'll see you guys on my next bazaar? Yes?


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  1. Hi Joey! Congrats on the bazaar! I really like your dress too :) Thank you for dropping by my blog! :)

    Mga Tugon
    1. Hi Farrah! Awww really happy you dropped by my blog! Hihi. Thank you! :D

  2. Grabe bazaarista din ako!: ) Ang cute naman your stall, super pink! Siguro sa "tips" thing na you tweeted, ang masasabi ko lang invest sa magandang mga pang design / display sa stall...Na magagamit mo naman din in the long run :) More more bazaar kwentos ko here:
    All the best sa iyong biz! :)

    PS: Natuwa ako makita fez ni Pax and Verniece sa post nato hehehe, and bianca and papa seph!