Linggo, Hulyo 21, 2013

Red Flux

One could never go wrong with this classic color combination: Red & White. Classic color combinations look stylish on everyone, whatever season it is. Red ensembles can automatically give that spice in your look no matter how simple and laid back an outfit is. 

Good thing I found my red pants which I've purposely neglected already in my closet. I'm really not a "jeans person" cos I feel and look short whenever I wear them. But since my mantra for this year is to try new things and go beyond my limits, well why not try wearing pants more often for a change. Right?

Did I somehow manage to look presentable wearing those pants? I hope so. 

Vintage cat-eye sunnies by Charlie. I bet you all know that Charlie has the most stylish yet affordable sunnies in town. 

Top from Bubbles.

Tried wearing the top without those sleeves. Can you guess where I hid them? Haha! This top can be worn and styled in different ways, you just have to choose a perfect pair and frills for it. 

Shoes from Jellybean


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