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I am browsing for online shops the whole day for my giveaway this month. One shop really made a mark in my whole body system! Seriously, I am so in love with it! Luckily, that shop replied to my invitation about the sponsorship for my upcoming giveaway! I was so Dumbfounded! :> I checked on her blog and her posts are really interesting to the point that I spent an hour or so just reading her blog posts.

The online shop/s I was just talking about is Punk-X-Pretty or Boho Vintage Love. They are both owned by an art lover, music blogger, impulsive thrifter, manic DIYer and an all around dreamer, Ms. Valerie! :)

Here are some stuffs I'm going gaga for: (unique pieces made by Ms. Valerie herself!)

Hipster Vadoli Denim with Cross studs

Studs and Cross Shorts

Cross Leopard

Heart Leopard

Hearts and Studs


Zebra print Detachable Collar

Now guys, are you feeling the same way too now? Haha! Those are just some of her unique DIY projects! :>  I can't wait for the sponsorship! :)

To know more about her, you can visit her humble blog: VALERIE'S BLOG! :)

Joey :)

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