Miyerkules, Disyembre 19, 2012

Super Duper Christmas!

Holla! We meet again! After weeks of being a busy bee cos of my bazaar (will post photos and details soon here!), here I go again updating my flunkee blog. Today, my cutest and my one and only nephew in the world had his Christmas Party at PSSC (Philippine Social Science Center) care of his school (The Growing Place). They have been rehearsing and preparing for this school program for almost a month, even at home I can hear Alex randomly sings unusual Christmas Songs during lunch or dinner. Well, no efforts were wasted because the program went on spontaneously and very entertaining. Students of different ages especially the 2's and 3's were very adorable and eager to finish their performances with a big big smile! No doubt, Alex got his charms and talent from his aunt *ehem ehem* <3

Super Duper Christmas Theme <3

Tadada! That's Alex after the program, fronting a big big smile for us. See how adorable he is? :)

The Lion and the Rabbit as what we call ourselves! Bestfriends forever <3

So to top it all, here's what I wore for today! :) 

Classy Jane Flats: Luxe Mode

Top & Skirt: Landmark | Bag: Tomato | Watch: Kenneth Cole

That's it for today. I missed everyone! <3

XX, Joey

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