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Christmas Goodies

I've been piled up with blog posts that I need to post for tonight just before this year ends. If you have read my recent post (Pasko 2012), I have left a note there that I will be posting our annual family exchange gift on my next post, which is basically this post. 

Christmas time means goodies from my family, friends, and loved ones! I open all my gifts after our Noche Buena just to make it more exciting for me. So as I was saying, our Family Exchange gift is held every year after our Noche Buena. We have our bunutan every last week of November or the first week of December so we'll have more time for preparation and gift hunting all around the Metro. This year my monito is my favorite aunt slash ninang, Tita Itang (famously known as Wowa). 

I won't be able to show you our exchange gift photos for now because they are still unedited. So, I'll just show (and not brag) you guys the goodies I received from my loved ones. I was able to cross out some of the items I have in my Christmas 2012 Wishlist: (CLICK for reference), my appreciation and many thanks to those who made an effort to find those <3

Though it's indicated in my Christmas 2012 Wishlist that i terribly want a Gold Casio watch, I think this one will do and I absolutely love this gift to bits because it came from the most special man of my life - Ze Boyf. Thank you, you really know me well! Two thumbs up! <3

 Yay for a Tripod!! - Mom's Gift

My Macro Lens - which I got 2 weeks before Christmas. <3

Talking about our exchange gift, I got this from Alex! Thank you (errm to your mom of course). You fooled me again!! But again, this is a perfect exchange gift! 

Thanks my dear sister - Tricia for this envelope bag in Mustard! You hit the nail on the head fo that!

I was the one who chose this bag because my mom said it would be a gift for someone - I was so clueless that that someone is me! Good Job, dad! Thanks for my bloody red bag!

My eldest sister just realized how badly I needed this thing! Thank you :)

 New baby <3 

This is my mom's but she saw my wishlist and said we could share this stuff which she knows I can use in my lifetime career. HOW SWEET :"

So, that's it! It's almost the 31'st of December - the last day of the year! Make sure to spend it wisely and of course make it worthwhile!

Hope you could share yours too :)

XX, J <3

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  1. yeay! may na discover na naman akong blog na babasahin!! :)
    Now following your dear via GFC!! :) PARA MORE MORE BASA SA BLOG MO! HAHAHHAA

    Michael Macalos

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    1. Such a sweetheart, Michael! So honored you're following my blog!

      Hope to meet you <3