Lunes, Nobyembre 21, 2011

Run for Pasig + Tita E's Birthday!

A very productive day for me! I spent almost 16 hours of my day with ze boyfriend's family. And it was really worth it :) They asked me to come with them because Mae (Michael's sister) will join the run for Ilog Pasig. I was eager to join them and I was planning to run too but beb did not agree. :( So I just decided to go with them and watch Mae instead.

3AM: We arrived at Manila Boulevard and parked somewhere. I started taking pictures because the crowd was getting bigger. There were around 11,000 (or am I exaggerating?) UST students there. :)) We took pictures while waiting for the run to begin. Call time was 4:45 and guess what? The run started around 6AM. Ugggh. Filipino time, what do we expect roight?

Getting ready! :)

Thomasians on the Go! HAHA
My long lost siblings. Hahahaha!

6AM: Finally, the run started! We waited for Mae at the car and planned to fetch her at MOA. But the traffic was going crazy so we just waited for her DFA / S&R. Didn't see any celebrity. Hehe. So sad :( HAHA!

9AM: Mae arrived. Yey! She wasn't able to run because it was too crowded. Too bad for her :( After the run, we headed at Bacoor for Tita Evelyn's Birthday Party (Michael's mom). A supposed to be surprise party! Hahaha! I met ze whole clan! :) And I was very happy because they were all nice to me! :) Lots of food to choose from! :> I was happy to spent the whole day with them! :) They never let me get left out and unattended. Haha! :> A very happy day for me!! <3 Happy Birthday, Tita! Thank you so much :)



Yellow top || Skinny Jeans from Jag Jeans || Accessories form J Trend || Oxford Shoes || Satchel Bag

 And lastly (after ending up my novel blogpost), this is what I wore the whole day. Haha! I blended with the UST students. Yey for Yellow!

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  1. Looks like you had so much fun!

    I would like to invite you to my first mini giveaway I hope you join! :D

    The Pink Lemonade Girl