Miyerkules, Abril 17, 2013

La Femme Boheme

Trying out a femme cowboy look, just for a change. Lately, I've been inspired to dress up something far from my usual. Just getting nifty and brave enough to try out these new pair of booties.  

Top: Landmark | Lace Shorts: Thrifted | Boots: S&H | Sunnies: Forever21

I hope I did not annoy you with my flunky poses. I was having a hard time pulling off this look and matching a perfect pose for the outfit. What do you think? I noticed I've been into different looks lately - from the edgy one and now to a boheme. Hmm. What can be my next genre be? Any suggestions? :)

And oh, please don't forget to join my ongoing giveaway - 2 blogposts before this one. And also please do op on my online shop if you have time; I released a new collection few days ago. I hope everyone's having a good week (just like me!) sniff sniff!!


3 komento:

  1. Socialite Diva! hahaha yan ang next mong peg suggestion lang naman :)) btw love love your interpretation of bohemian :)

    Michael Macalos

  2. Lovely outfit Joey! Your posts seem really fun! Nice comfy style with pops of trend and colors :)

    I'm your newest follower. Hope we can follow each other. Keep in touch!

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